Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification - 6 minutes read

A Complete Guide to performing Bulk Email Verification

Email marketing has been around a long time as a marketing strategy. It was created to reach the target audience in the fastest way possible. It is not only cost-effective but also more comfortable to address many people at the same time. Here is a guide to performing bulk email verification.

The increase in the number of your subscribers is directly proportional to the number of advantages you might get from your list. That is one of the main reasons many websites nag you to subscribe to their weekly newsletter, before processing the results you require. However, your email list needs to have quality emails.

It means that you need to make sure the email addresses you have are valid. You’ll want to avoid sending emails to any invalid addresses. Valid email reduces the chances of your email server domain from any blacklisting, which in turn would enhance your email campaign performances.

The market is filled with all sorts of email list cleaners (software); therefore – you need to know which one suits best as per your needs.

A bulk list verification is termed as an essential tool for companies that ought to send mass emails. The purpose of this tool is to determine the validity of an email address. It tells you if the email address is fully valid and messages can be delivered to it.

A verification service analyzes the whole list address-by-address. It is offered as a hosted software. You will come across many Email Verification services and tools. While some might offer you a trail or some few services, others might charge you for the same functions.

In order to analyze your emails, you will need to add a list of email addresses in a sheet format. Now, remember, this is just one example – different tools can have different options. One company may transfer your lists online, via CSV excel sheets or even give you the choice to have an ‘add-on’ service. Some go through the email address while typing an email.

Email marketing and verification both come with many choices — use these to your advantage.

There are a number of techniques that can validate an email address. They are a combination of validation techniques embedded with exclusive algorithms and depend on the internal databases.

Once the validation process is complete – any invalid email addresses in your list will be filtered out. The end product will be a clean and deliverable email list just waiting for you to seek out for your marketing campaigns.

However, one should always keep in mind that nothing is ever free on the internet except for the offers provided to you by your internet providers, of course, lol. You will have to create an account for any sort of email address validations.

If you have a large number of email addresses to verify as in you are going for bulk email verification then it would be best to go for paid services. You can customize your package as per your budget and the magnitude of services you require.

As we discussed above, spam trap detection is a highly important feature for bulk email verifications.  The sole purpose of this feature is to catch any kind of spammer coming your way.

Although every company or business should create a strategy of their own to handle email addresses – you still should have an email verification service to identify them easily and save time to use it somewhere more important.

Not everyone uses the same language or words to converse amongst themselves and others. Therefore, the support of international domain names and email addresses has been booming in the internet world.

Some users use Punycode in order to convert Unicode characters to ASCII to use their native language/ script while creating emails. With this feature, you will not turn them down just based on a difference in language and instead you can gain more of a global audience.

The reason for such services is productivity. Get your work done at a rapid speed to get results. However, the results might be inconclusive. Therefore, your email verification service should allow you to choose the kind of setting that you wish for.

Your setting choice lets you include a long timeout setting and repetitive attempts to give you the results that are 100% accurate.

Just because you are letting an email verification service take over your emails, it doesn’t in any way mean that the emails should be public property or used as one. Your data security is important and essential – therefore make sure that when choosing an email verification service – it is the one that provides you with data security.

There might be many email verifying tools and applications on the internet but not all would cater to your needs. Thus, before selecting one service blindly it is best for you to compare different service providers to see which might have your best interests at heart.

Email marketing is here to stay and so is the fact that companies spend quite a lot of their revenue on it. It is important to have email verification(s) every now and then because many a time people often make mistakes while filling their information.

No more wasting your mental and financial investment on invalid email addresses just make it easy for yourself. The verification will reduce your chances of getting a spam or error code every time you try to send bulk emails either via newsletter or because of some other reason.


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