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"You always have to bear in mind that undertaking is a journey of one step forward and two steps back." Here's how Brian Halligan, Hubspot's co-founder and CEO, summed up his entrepreneurial experience in his talk at Entrepreneur Masters this week.

One of the entrepreneurs behind one of the most important digital marketing companies in the world and creator of the inbound marketing concept spoke with me as part of his participation in INCmty about how it was for him to start a business during the dotcom bubble and how his business is adapting its business model amid the pandemic.

"I never thought I would start a company. Before Hubspot I had joined two startups that did very well and then went to business school. I didn't plan on starting a company, but I met the perfect co-founder for me and we complemented each other perfectly. and I think we still do, " Halligan told Entrepreneur en Español . " And we had a good idea. We had a very good idea! The time was right. It wasn't very obvious at first. I had other options coming out of business school and I weighed the risk and value of each. Opening a company It was the riskiest, but also the one that had the most value in terms of impact and fun. So I forgot about caution and did it. "

We leave you the broadcast if you couldn't see it live!

During his talk, Brian left us some phrases that can inspire you in your entrepreneurial path. Which is your favorite?

On being an entrepreneur from birth

"I'm not a natural entrepreneur. Just the stars aligned."

"Sometimes you have a good idea, but it is not at the right time. So entrepreneurship is a combination of luck and skill."

On learning along the way

"You always have to bear in mind that undertaking is a journey of one step forward and two steps back."

"I don't think Steve Jobs had a magic moment. Believe it or not, he worked very hard 7 days a week."

On the importance of empathy

"These moments of crisis are excellent for developing empathy"

On the importance of quality

"Before, any type of content worked on the internet. Now, quality REALLY matters. If you're writing one of the thousands of marketing blogs out there that sounds like all the others, you're not going to get much attention."

Source: Entrepreneur

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