Here are 7 times older generations slammed Gen Z's work ethic, calling them 'weakened' kids who '... - 2 minutes read

The battle between older generations and Gen Z has intensified in recent years as the youngsters enter the workplace. Some older workers are shaken by Gen Z's bold demands for work-life balance and flexibility. Gen Zers are increasingly eschewing and criticizing traditional 9-to-5 work patterns and corporate grind culture.

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Like millennials before them, Gen Zers are attracting the ire of older generations, with Gen X and boomers increasingly criticizing their perceived lack of work ethic and the dedication needed to become successful.

Different generations love to hate on each other, but the battle between boomers and Gen Z have intensified in recent years, because the youngsters are now joining the professional world and bringing with them demands for work-life balance and flexibility.

Gen Zers have grown up watching their parents or older siblings suffer through the 2008 financial crash, the pandemic, and mass layoffs in the past two years, and as a result some have become disenchanted with corporate life.

Some are taking to TikTok to complain about their nine-to-five jobs and even about choosing new ways of working, such as so-called "lazy-girl jobs."

This has irked some of the older generations who grew up valuing the rewards of hard work and discipline and learnt that their route to success was to climb the corporate ladder.

The anger has turned into public criticism from celebrities, businesspeople, and university professors.

Here are seven times when older generations have criticized Gen Z's way of working.

Source: Business Insider

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