Seeking nominations for the next wave of music-tech startups helping artists and their teams - 2 minutes read

Business Insider is compiling a list of music-tech startups helping artists and their teams.We want to hear from you on the companies building useful tools for the music industry in 2024.Please submit your ideas here (or below) by April 15.

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The music industry is always adapting to new technologies.

Innovations in streaming, audio production, and artificial intelligence can change the nature of the business at a moment's notice.

Some companies lower the barrier to entry for music creation by releasing easy-to-use song-making apps. Others automate processes once reserved for professional engineers, such as the process of mastering tracks, lowering costs for up-and-coming artists. And a new crop of AI companies are experimenting with audio-generation tools that could prove highly disruptive to the industry over time.

Business Insider is compiling our third annual list of innovative music startups building products that will help performers and their teams be creative and grow their businesses.

We are seeking nominations from you, the reader, on which music-tech companies are set to have an impact on the music world in 2024 and beyond.

Please submit your ideas here by April 15, or enter the information below:

Source: Business Insider

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