Soccer Mommy – “Lost” - 1 minute read

Last week, Soccer Mommy debuted new songs live at an intimate show in New York. One was “Lost,” which she also previewed on Instagram. Today, the Nashville indie musician is releasing that track.

“‘Lost’ feels like something new and something old at the same time,” Sophie Allison says of the song. “It’s a song that’s full of reflection and I wanted its production to really capture that feeling. I’m happy to have a chance to play it at these more intimate solo shows, because I think it really shines in that setting.”

It’s her first new material since 2022’s Sometimes, Forever. She shared a covers EP last year titled Karaoke Night that featured her takes on Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift, Pavement, and other artists. Last night, Phoebe Bridgers joined her at her show for a cover of Elliott Smith’s “The Biggest Lie.”

Hear “Lost” below.

Source: Stereogum

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