The Super League That Wasn’t - 1 minute read

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This episode contains strong language.

Soccer, particularly in England, had a big bang in the 1990s, with giant broadcasting deals and a glut of sponsorships. That heralded the rise of celebrity players like David Beckham, and the momentum was souped up in the 2000s, when rich owners from the U.S., Russia and the Gulf States entered the game.

Amid the frenzy of spending, some asked: How far could soccer and its 100-year traditions be pushed?

A crescendo peaked on Sunday, when 12 elite clubs across Europe announced a superleague organized in secret and backed by vast amounts of money.

Fans reacted with blind fury. Players and managers spoke out. Figures like Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince William publicly disapproved. Within 48 hours, the idea was dead.

Source: New York Times

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