Pakistan v England: fifth men’s T20 cricket international – live - 1 minute read

18th over: England 118-6 (Moeen 36, Woakes 6) Sensational from Moeen as he makes room to pump a fuller ball down the ground for six. And then four more! This is brilliant from Moeen, who’s played this kind of shot before, memorably against South Africa a couple of years ago. It’s a low full toss he cuts away behind square on the off side, a slice of sorts. But then he’s hit on the pads! It looks a very good shout, but Pakistan don’t review. Probably got some bat on it, which replays prove. Wasim then pulls off a brilliant yorker that Chris Woakes can’t get any runs off. Another dot to finish as Woakes fails to connect from a ramp.

Source: The Guardian

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