Cricket customers will get free HBO Max, if they don't mind ads - 2 minutes read

You won't have to spring for ATT's regular phone service if you want HBO Max tacked on to your plan — provided you're wiling to make some sacrifices. The carrier's Cricket Wireless brand has revealed that it will provide free HBO Max service to customers using its $60 per month Unlimited plan if they're willing to live with the ad-supported tier. This isn't as sweet as what you'll get at ATT proper, but it will give you a chance to catch up on shows without pricier wireless service or a separate Max subscription.

The offer will be available to both new and current customers starting on August 20th. We've asked if Cricket customers can pay extra for ad-free HBO Max.

It's a logical move for ATT. The telecom will likely still own WarnerMedia until 2022, and this gives it a chance to boost both Cricket and HBO Max until that split happens. It could help the company maintain or increase plan prices, too. Nonetheless, you might appreciate this if you're looking to save money. Prepaid phone customers in the US seldom get the no-extra-charge services and other perks that increasingly come with conventional (postpaid) plans — this could save you money if you've been looking for something to watch.

Source: Engadget

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