Woman requests Blinkit to deliver cricketer Shubham Gill at her doorstep; netizens puzzled - 2 minutes read

When digital creator , an admirer of food fashion and unconventional content that has a hint of sarcasm in it, took to social media platform with an unexpected demand, the internet erupted into a frenzy of laughter and confusion.

The woman, Aayushi, posted a photograph of her in front of a cricket stadium holding a poster urging delivery app Blinkit to deliver her favourite cricket player Shubman Gill, the captain of Gujarat Titans, at her doorstep.

Her poster read, “Blinkit, please deliver Shubman Gill to my address.”

Watch the video below:

Fans and followers were left both amused and bewildered by her outlandish request, with many wondering if she was serious or simply pulling pranks.

Blinkit’s social media team wasted no time in responding with a touch of humour stating how one captain has already gone to play for Mumbai Indians. “ek captain toh waisei MI chale gaye..dusra aap maang rahe ho (how one Captian is already playing for Mumbai Indians..”

“Hum bante Hain aapke postman,”social media team Insider.in wrote, adding fuel to the fire of internet hilarity. Rival delivery services also jumped into the fray, eager to join the playful banter.

Digital creators and cricket fans alike joined the conversation, offering humorous suggestions and commentary on the logistics of delivering a live sportsman.

One user wrote, “Pls contact Ishan Kishan.” Another user joked, “Gill bhai ka toh pata nahi but we can deliver you some delicious chocolates.” And a third chimed in, “Swiggy be like :- order food not human.”

And while her request for a doorstep delivery of a cricket player may remain unfulfilled, the joy and laughter it inspired will undoubtedly linger in the digital sphere for days to come.

Source: The Indian Express

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