It’s hard to play cricket if your school’s got no sports field | Letter - 1 minute read

John Saxbee (Letters, 30 June) and ACH Smith (Letters, 3 July) rightly celebrate Cotham school’s famous England cricketers – former pupils Arthur Milton, John Mortimore and David Allen, who were in the Test team in the 1960s – but, sadly, the chance of that achievement being repeated is shockingly remote.

Like most state schools, Cotham is allowed neither the time nor the facilities to nurture future sportsmen and sportswomen, and now its sports field has just been designated a “town green”.

This means the fence around the field may have to come down so that local people can walk their dogs over it, further reducing the time for sport, as each session will have to begin with a shit search. I bet Millfield school doesn’t have that problem. Rosemary Chamberlin Bristol

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Source: The Guardian

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