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Ask The Experts: Wenting Zha, No. 318 Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question: How to do perfect backhand flick when there is heavy underspin Answer: 
Your Ask the Experts question was answered by Wenting Zha. She is one of the coaches at the Champion Star International Academy. Coach Zha’s response is as follows:
Thanks for reaching out to us, I am happy to answer your question.
In order to make a backhand flick when is a heavy under spin, try to pay attention to the following steps.
First, you need to adjust your footwork based on where the ball is. Step in with your right foot while keeping your center of gravity low and on the right side (assuming right handed player).
At the same time, cock your elbow upwards in preparation of driving the ball forward with the head of your paddle pointing into the table near its surface and your wrist curled in. Adjust the angle of your paddle based on the height and incoming spin of the ball.
At the point of contact, use your forearm to begin a forward snap of the wrist and spin the ball. The most important thing is to hit the ball at its peak height in order to increase the quality of your shot.
Hope you find my answer helpful.