Butterfly Buzz: Junior Highlight – Rachel and Joanna Sung - 2 minutes read


Butterfly Buzz: Junior Highlight – Rachel and Joanna Sung

(by Steve Hopkins)

The Sung Twins, sisters Rachel and Joanna, began playing when they were seven.   Now fifteen, they have been making headlines in the sport for about five years.  Rachel Sung has achieved a rating over 2400 and Joanna is not far behind with her rating in the mid-2300s.  Both are elite players near the top of their age group.

Rachel had perhaps her best career result this Summer at the Nationals when she advanced all the way to the finals in the Women’s Singles event (losing 4-1 to Lily Zhang).  Joanna had a solid showing as well, advancing through to the Quarterfinals in Women’s Singles.

The two sisters teamed together to win the Junior Girls’ Doubles event.  In Junior Girls’ Singles, Rachel fell to the top seed in the Quarterfinals (4-1) and Joanna advanced to the Semifinal.  The two were also runner-up in the Junior Girls Team event as a part of the California Table Tennis Team.  Basically, the Sung sisters made waves in every event that they entered.

Bowmar Sports and Butterfly look forward to supporting the Sung sisters as they continue to develop, and we wish them continued success as they rise through the ranks.