Pro Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Claims the Prince of Tennis as Her Husband - 4 minutes read

Pro Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Claims the Prince of Tennis as Her Husband

Naomi Osaka is living her best life these days as one of the world’s best athletes. The athlete made headlines awhile back after she beat Serena Williams in a tough US Open match which gave her the top award. And now it looks like the growing star is ready to claim her rewards.

Well, mostly. Over on Twitter, Osaka stepped out with a relatable mood when she told the world Ryoma Echizen was her husband given his status as the Prince of Tennis.

Over on Twitter, Osaka shared the hilarious update with fans with a simple post. The tennis player posted a GIF of Echizen playing hard on the court, and she prompted laughs with the caption, “My husband lol.”

Of course, fans can see why Osaka would be a fan of Echizen. The fictional guy is the protagonist of the popular anime Prince of Tennis. The prodigal player stars in the series as he attends a school for elite players. The show follows Echizen as he is challenged by other gifted athletes as each player vies to become Japan’s top tennis player.

In the past, Prince of Tennis has worked with Osaka officially to promo the series. The anime has worked with athletes like Kei Nishikori, but Osaka has been the most recent. An animated version of the tennis star appeared in a commercial for Prince of Tennis, but they were taken down after fans questioned the reels’ choice to apparently white-wash the player whose father is Haitian-American. Osaka's mother is Japanese, and the player was born in Japan before the family moved to America when the girl was 3-years-old. However, the tennis star kept in touch with her Japanese heritage, and Osaka has said on several occasions she's a big fan of anime and manga. Now, fans have solid evidence Osaka loves Prince of Tennis as much as they had guessed, so here's to hoping the star can appear in the series' next anime without any controversy whatsoever.

So, do you think Osaka could teach Echizen a lesson or two? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter to talk all things comics and anime!

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