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Your game room could already have billiards, pool, or table tennis equipment. The more enthusiastic may even slot in an artificial climbing wall or mount a frisky basketball arcade gaming machine to shoot an odd ball during your trip to the room. But the latter is not anywhere close to the experience of a basketball game on an indoor hardwood court.

If you’re a fan, the home court basketball pictured above could be the closest way to satiate your desire to play on the hardwood. The sleek glass enclosure with a wooden backboard and rebound board slanting just below is designed for the home champs to compete with the sounds and feel of being on the court.

Designer: Reigning Champ

A collaborative product created by Reigning Champ and Canadian industrial designer Calen Knauf, the Home Court, as it is called, is a fully functional game arcade for an in-home basketball experience. A highly crafted work of art, it is made with the use of wood, glass, and metal, which play in harmony to replicate the authentic feel of playing on a hardwood court.

To minimize the visual footprint, and make the game portable, the contraption rests on four rubberized wheels. The frame is made of metal, which durably holds tempered glass walls – three full on the sides, back and half on the front – of the rig. The backboard holding two rings and the ball rebound surface located below are specifically made from engineered composite wood panels that replicate the auditory quality of the ball hitting the wooden court.

On the front of the arcade, the half-glass wall is where the balls are collected during the game. And when you’re done playing, the spacious lower tier – with a wooden floor – serves as storage for balls. Home Court is made-to-order and comes flat-packed to your doorstep. Presently, Reigning Champ is only shipping it to the US and Canada for $50,000, leaving us in the east wondering when we can sell off our home to own a Home Court and play and live in it happily thereafter.

Source: Yanko Design

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