What exercises can the Fitbit Inspire HR track? - 2 minutes read

What exercises can the Fitbit Inspire HR track?

Best answer: The Fitbit Inspire HR can track just about any exercise, but you can set it to specifically track the following: running, biking, swimming, treadmill, weights, interval workouts, spinning, bootcamp, tennis, elliptical, stairclimber, hiking, golf, pilates, yoga, circuit training, martial arts, walking, kickboxing, and just a general workout.

There are two different modes for tracking your exercise with the Fitbit Inspire HR. The easiest one is called SmartTrack, and it doesn't require you to do a thing. Just start exercising and the Inspire HR will automatically register that you are exercising and track your workout. Note that you must work out for at least 10-15 minutes for the device to recognize it as exercise. When you're using the Fitbit Inspire HR in this mode, you don't need to pick a specific exercise category. The Inspire HR will do all the work while you work out.

For more accuracy and control, open the Exercise app on your Inspire HR. You can set goals for time, distance, or calories. In this mode, your workout will be tracked, regardless of its duration.

When using the Exercise app, you do need to choose a specific type of exercise. Choose from the following options:

Source: Imore.com

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