Lacoste's "French Fashion Sport" Collection References René Lacoste's Personal Style - 1 minute read


Mar 21, 2024

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Lacoste‘s on-court legacy is undefeated. Founder René Lacoste brought a unique approach to tennis uniforms, fusing elegance and sportswear to create unapologetic triumphs. The brand celebrates Lacoste’s personal style this season, referencing his French heritage and athletic background across transitional co-ed looks.

Lacoste’s “French Fashion Sport” collection is bold and unafraid, revamping the classic polo shirt with relaxed outlines. Checkered tracksuits and V-neck sports tops complement each other seamlessly, while pleated co-ords receive gilded patches and pleated accents. Staple trench coats are primed for springtime, ushered in by knitted jumpers, nylon coach jackets, and athletic bottoms.

Quintessential tennis gear is brightened in pastel tones, with collared button-downs and mini skirts searching for victory in several fresh sneaker styles.

Take a closer look at Lacoste’s “French Fashion Sport” collection in the gallery above. The line is available to shop now via the brand’s website.


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