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1bd665cfdc2ebddfa4e39c96971aafdf Elian @Elian - about 19 hours ago
After 32 years, McDonald’s Plans to Sell Its Russia Business
After more than three decades in Russia, McDonald’s — an icon of U.S. lifestyle and capitalism — has put its Russia business up for sale as it works to leave the country completely.The move is a significant departure for a brand whose growth across the world became the sy...continued
16econ briefing mcd s russia facebookjumbo
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Ac7d6ae4836b778c0e45d9f73deed0cb Delia @Delia - about 19 hours ago
Porsche develops its EV sports car platform with this special Cayman GT4
Porsche is getting closer to putting a battery-electric sports car on sale. It's not quite there yet, but after showing off the Mission R concept in 2021, the company is now hard at work making sure the electric powertrain technology that the concept was supposed to showc...continued
M22 1690 fine 760x380
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0ec458821faf8cec727a4934981b2fc4 Abhilash duseja @Abhilash11 - about 23 hours ago
Express your love through our ​​fresh flowers delivery in Dubai
Love flowers and flowers that say I love you... What could be more wonderful than expressing your love through flowers? We are proud to be love ambassadors at Plaisir Cadeaux et Fleurs! We play cupid, and spreading love is one of the key reasons we're in this industry. Th...continued
51 red rose bouquet by plaisir
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F3d65d4b8ab1e1d6686bdb94b1e98f33 abhijeet @abhijeet83 - 1 day ago
10 Perfect Places to Meet Women
10 Perfect Places to Meet WomenIn our days, in this big world, there are a lot of single people who spend their life alone. There are a lot of wonderful ladies out there just waiting to meet the man of their dreams, hoping that someday this will appear. Also, many single ...continued
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F3d65d4b8ab1e1d6686bdb94b1e98f33 abhijeet @abhijeet83 - 2 days ago
5 Tips to Lose Weight Naturally
5 Tips to Lose Weight NaturallyYes, do a natural diet is the most secure solution for weight loss. Here’s how both simple and not suppress excessive body making it safer to go to the imipian body shape.Already intend to start immediately? Refer to the first five natural d...continued
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Abe69d7aacc9c6d89b2d1ff5e9ac6ef4 Hank @Hank - 3 days ago
Business calendar: Recession talk justified? - Reuters
A data deluge from major economies comes at a pivotal time for central bank policy, while crypto aficionados will be watching the fallout of a spectacular price collapse. Here's what to watch in the week ahead. Kristy Kilburn reports.Source: ReutersPowered by NewsAPI.org
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69ab36bf73ce82cc3579c8f2504f3bac Gregoria @Gregoria - 3 days ago
Chile's climate scientist minister eyes tougher rules for top copper mining nation - Reuters
Chile's Environment Minister Maisa Rojas, a leading climate scientist with a PhD from Oxford who made the leap into politics this year, is on a mission to strengthen the Andean country's environmental rules and hold mining firms to account.
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1a914154cd263fa68f1b8d6529ef63dd Sandrine @Sandrine - 4 days ago
U.S. travel firms flex marketing muscle to lure travelers seeking sun and sand - Reuters
Travelers wearing protective face masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) reclaim their luggage at the airport in Denver, Colorado, U.S., November 24, 2020. REUTERS/Kevin MohattMay 13 (Reuters) - U.S. travel booking firms are spending heavily on ...continued
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A2a551348d8c100384339e6c21255e06 Abbie @Abbie - 4 days ago
Helicopters vs. Homeowners: A Very Hamptons Fight
With the serene beaches of the Hamptons soon 3,500 feet below his box-fresh white sneakers, Rob Wiesenthal, the chief executive of Blade, a by-the-seat helicopter charter company, boasted how the service could slice above the slog of the Long Island Expressway. A New York...continued
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Cf566feac02a045db0830669a7a8b8ca Perfect Med Spa @perfectmedspa - 4 days ago
Best Med Spas in Manhattan, New York City
Medical Spas, commonly known as Med spas, are trending extensively in Manhattan, NY. Med spas offer their clients excellent services with a unique blend of medicine and aesthetics. They are considered a hybrid between a traditional day spa and a medical clinic. All the be...continued
Coolsculpting in new york city 3
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Abe69d7aacc9c6d89b2d1ff5e9ac6ef4 Hank @Hank - 4 days ago
Oura sues smart ring rival Circular for allegedly copying technology
Even smart rings aren't immune to patent wars. Wareable notes Oura has sued fledgling rival Circular for allegedly violating patents covering both ring design and biometric data collection. Circular's upcoming wearable allegedly copies Oura's work by both stuffing electro...continued
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C1e15b7459468dc79542fc656b7a9fa2 Madalyn @Madalyn - 4 days ago
Vacationers Turned the Hamptons Into a Year-Round Home. Business Followed.
In the shadow of the oldest lighthouse in New York, summer in the Hamptons and Montauk once meant strawberry ice cream cones from a mom-and-pop shop, and Necco wafers and Pop Rocks from a candy store known for its fudge. For locals, an influx of new faces would wane at th...continued
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7094e9deddcf03241ed9894017ba09bc Rose @Rose - 5 days ago
Corning Stock is a Technology Value Play
Glass and optical technology products producer Corning (NYSE: GLW) stock has been very resilient as it is only down (-1%) versus down (-23%) for the Nasdaq 100 index. The maker of Gorilla Glass, COVID-19 vaccine vials, and glass substrates used for LED displays and optica...continued
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F8901f0cff3b25b34627127dbc99fb89 Allene @Allene - 5 days ago
Shell sells Russian retail business to Lukoil - Reuters.com
The Shell logo is seen at a Shell petrol station in London. REUTERS/Toby MelvilleMay 12 (Reuters) - Russia's second-largest oil producer Lukoil (LKOH.MM) will buy Shell's (SHEL.L) Russian retail and lubricants businesses, the companies said on Thursday, as the British oil...continued
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B9fae85d63d3cf084c4f15cdbd0ccaba Giles @Giles - 5 days ago
27 Rights Groups Demand Zoom Abandon 'Invasive,' and 'Inherently Biased' Emotion Recognition Soft...
More than two dozen rights groups are calling on Zoom to scrap its efforts to explore controversial emotion recognition technology. The pushback from 27 separate groups represents some of the most forceful resistance to the emerging tech yet, which critics fear remains in...continued
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A5ceea3bb1d6509cf2b817d4408b90a9 carlashil2 @carlashil2 - 5 days ago
Natural Supplements and Products for Weight Loss
Learn about natural supplements and products for weight loss, including hydroxycitric acis, ephedra, gugulipidThousands of people are losing weight the natural way by harnessing the power of natural herbs and supplements. Natural weight loss using herbs and supplements is...continued
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F8a6248ab1c5ce893cb03b8d7e3ab08b Cyril @Cyril - 5 days ago
Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 145 With Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
Apple today released a new update for Safari Technology Preview, the experimental browser Apple first introduced in March 2016. Apple designed the ‌Safari Technology Preview‌ to test features that may be introduced into future release versions of Safari.‌Safari Technology...continued
Safari technology preview feature
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B4a2c9b63fd68a080a47d2a35293e167 Webster @Webster - 7 days ago
Email Is Still King (and 4 Other Big Insights Into Effective Tech Marketing)
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.Before becoming an entrepreneur, I had a lengthy career as an in-house leader. During that time, I started closely following a few companies that stood out as thought leaders in B2B marketing. One of those is G...continued
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69ab36bf73ce82cc3579c8f2504f3bac Gregoria @Gregoria - 6 days ago
Column: Stirring ingredients of 1985's dollar-capping Plaza Accord - Reuters.com
There's a familiar air of 1985 about - and not just in Cold War politics or the gull-wing DeLoreans in "Back to the Future".
Reuters default
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3c59b35923f7f5e6a11c533088a15138 Jessika @Jessika - 7 days ago
Uber to cut costs, slow hiring, CEO says -CNBC - Reuters
05/09 Uber Technologies will scale back hiring and reduce expenditure on its marketing and incentive activities, CNBC reported on Monday, citing a letter from Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi.Source: ReutersPowered by NewsAPI.org
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3ded6bd103d077cb985118102efe1442 Vijay Mistry @Maverick_19 - 7 days ago
What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Help You Build An Online Business?
What is Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is a way of earning money by promoting other people's products. You get traffic to your blog or website and then promote the products you want them to buy. When someone buys that product after clicking on your link, you earn ...continued
Affiliate research header image 1024x608
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Abe69d7aacc9c6d89b2d1ff5e9ac6ef4 Hank @Hank - 7 days ago
Business class travel helps post-pandemic airline sales take off
It was proclaimed moribund, if not doomed, just a year ago. But now, is business class air travel taking off again? British Airways’ owner IAG, forecasting a return to profit this year, said that a strong recovery in business bookings was driving the recovery.In a world w...continued
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C8fdc7c246b9dd38f4ef160727d6eec5 Monserrat @Monserrat - 8 days ago
Got a Coupon For That College Course? Marketing Gimmicks Come To Higher Ed
"A decade ago, it would have been hard to imagine a college handing out coupons or running limited-time offers ," notes the education site EdSurge. "College was something you applied to get into, and entered with a seriousness of intent to complete."But now, writes long-t...continued
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69ab36bf73ce82cc3579c8f2504f3bac Gregoria @Gregoria - 8 days ago
Asus Zenbook Pro 16X hands-on review: Fast, feature-packed
The Asus ZenBook Pro 16X is a tech tour de force with plenty of power and a gorgeous display. It's perfect for productivity, creativity, and media consumption.
Asus zenbook pro 16x
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9b25e3cdd7708c288912746ec95d7c9b Liliane @Liliane - 8 days ago
These Tricks Will Help You Relieve Yourself of Your Bathroom ‘Stage Fright’
If you have a tough time taking care of your business in a public restroom, you’re not alone. According to the International Paruresis Association, an estimated twenty-one million Americans suffer from paruresis, or what is colloquially known as “shy bladder syndrome.” Pe...continued
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