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Our functional medicine doctors have received traditional medical school education. Our functional medicine specialists at Index Clinic frequently find solutions to complex, multifaceted health issues. Instances include depressive disorders, inflammatory conditions such as Celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease, and chronic pain conditions such as arthritis (IBD). People can manage the typical symptoms of a chronic illness because of the distinctive techniques these specialists employ. Functional nutritionist is effective against chronic illnesses. Instead of treating the symptoms of chronic diseases, these physicians investigate their root causes. Our functional medicine employs a patient-specific approach.
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Functional Medicine Doctor | Index Clinic
In addition to prescription medication and surgery, functional medicine doctor provides physicians with additional tools. Also included are botanicals, supplements, therapeutic diets, exercise routines, functional neurorehabilitation, detoxification regimens, and stress r...continued
Functional medicine doctor
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Functional Medicine | Index Clinic
Prior to the onset of the disease, the Index Clinic functional medicine assists the patient in achieving primary disease prevention (the disease process has already started). This is achieved by investigating the functional interactions between all human body parts and th...continued
Holistic hormone specialist
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