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Efd687c46d03677522c615b86a341217 Emmie @Emmie - about 11 hours ago
Freeport expects copper leaching technology to go mainstream - Reuters
May 17 (Reuters) - Freeport-McMoRan Inc (FCX.N) expects widespread adoption of new leaching technologies that help miners extract low concentrations of copper from waste rock, President Kathleen Quirk said on Tuesday.Prodded by rising copper prices and demand, Freeport an...continued
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725ac8c62bcc32f06195cf20b372a31a Muriel @Muriel - about 7 hours ago
The 3 Biggest Challenges to Marketing in the Metaverse
Executives and entrepreneurs should be taking the metaverse's wide-open, nearly limitless marketing possibilities very seriously. Here are several of the most significant challenges companies are facing as they brave this digital terra incognita.
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1bd665cfdc2ebddfa4e39c96971aafdf Elian @Elian - 1 day ago
After 32 years, McDonald’s Plans to Sell Its Russia Business
After more than three decades in Russia, McDonald’s — an icon of U.S. lifestyle and capitalism — has put its Russia business up for sale as it works to leave the country completely.The move is a significant departure for a brand whose growth across the world became the sy...continued
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A6c0c46e61817f7ae594dd513e06b21d Elliott @Elliott - 1 day ago
TikTok Nuns Are Posting About Convent Life
Before she entered the Community of St. John Baptist in 2012, Claudette Monica Powell performed in an acoustic rock duo and an improv comedy troupe in Los Angeles. Now she goes by Sister Monica Clare, sings in a church choir in Mendham Township, N.J., and posts matter-of-...continued
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F3d65d4b8ab1e1d6686bdb94b1e98f33 abhijeet @abhijeet83 - 2 days ago
10 Perfect Places to Meet Women
10 Perfect Places to Meet WomenIn our days, in this big world, there are a lot of single people who spend their life alone. There are a lot of wonderful ladies out there just waiting to meet the man of their dreams, hoping that someday this will appear. Also, many single ...continued
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B4a2c9b63fd68a080a47d2a35293e167 Webster @Webster - 2 days ago
2 Visions Clash Over How to Fight Online Child Abuse in Europe
+++lead-in-textExcept on Tuesdays when she’s in the Dutch Senate, Arda Gerkens spends her time helping tech companies delete child sexual abuse material buried in their platforms. For seven years, the senator has run the nonprofit foundation Online Child Abuse Expert Agen...continued
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5f49cb7e10986ab2c376b949d0c2bb71 john huge @johnhuge85 - 2 days ago
Cheapest Andaman Tour Package
Looking for a budget-friendly Andaman tour package? Look no further! We have the perfect package for you. Our Cheapest Andaman Tour Package offers unbeatable value for money and includes some of the best attractions in the region. So what are you waiting for? Book now and...continued
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F3d65d4b8ab1e1d6686bdb94b1e98f33 abhijeet @abhijeet83 - 3 days ago
How to Make a Man Crazy About You - 3 Hints to Drive Him Crazy
How to Make a Man Crazy About You - 3 Hints to Drive Him CrazyI am not sure whether you really know what it entails to learn how to make a man crazy about you. Therefore, I will tell you first and foremost that it will require you to be emotionally toughened and determine...continued
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394b4c0c4dd468b433ba43c77bdbb708 Bart @Bart - 3 days ago
With eye on China's zero-Covid chaos, Taiwan seizes chance to open up
Taipei, Taiwan (CNN) Business has been swift this week for Oscar Chen, the fourth-generation owner of the Liang Xi Hao restaurant in central Taipei.The tables at his diner in the Taiwanese capital are buzzing with customers, waiters bustle with dishes of squid soup and ri...continued
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C32976707dcb28036c1f4ea777f1875b Kraig @Kraig - 3 days ago
Blind date: ‘She quickly asked me to stop talking about Star Trek’
Blind date is Saturday’s dating column: every week, two strangers are paired up for dinner and drinks, and then spill the beans to us, answering a set of questions. This runs, with a photograph we take of each dater before the date, in Saturday magazine (in the UK) and on...continued
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Abe69d7aacc9c6d89b2d1ff5e9ac6ef4 Hank @Hank - 3 days ago
Business calendar: Recession talk justified? - Reuters
A data deluge from major economies comes at a pivotal time for central bank policy, while crypto aficionados will be watching the fallout of a spectacular price collapse. Here's what to watch in the week ahead. Kristy Kilburn reports.Source: ReutersPowered by NewsAPI.org
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3ded6bd103d077cb985118102efe1442 Vijay Mistry @Maverick_19 - 4 days ago
Ikaria Lean Belly Juice (Reviews) - Most Selling Weight Loss Supplement In World
Ikaria Lean Belly Juice is a weight-loss beverage made from exotic herbs. According to the manufacturer's website, this supplement boosts metabolism and decreases uric acid levels. It does more than only melt stubborn pounds; it also boosts your energy, helps your digesti...continued
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C32976707dcb28036c1f4ea777f1875b Kraig @Kraig - 4 days ago
Elon Musk Says His Takeover of Twitter Is ‘On Hold’
Elon Musk’s tweets on Friday fed into swirling speculation that he may back out of the deal.Credit...John Raoux/Associated PressIn the latest bomb in the Twitter takeover drama, Elon Musk tweeted this morning that his $44 billion bid was “temporarily on hold” until he cou...continued
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Eb0f1753654cff1630386503eeba7c5d Bobby @Bobby - 4 days ago
Why E-Commerce Businesses Need to Rethink Their Channel Strategy
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.Already in 2014, companies were discovering the benefits of connecting with consumers across multiple channels, including more repeat shopping and referrals. Now, with e-commerce on the rise, consumers are expe...continued
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A2a551348d8c100384339e6c21255e06 Abbie @Abbie - 4 days ago
Helicopters vs. Homeowners: A Very Hamptons Fight
With the serene beaches of the Hamptons soon 3,500 feet below his box-fresh white sneakers, Rob Wiesenthal, the chief executive of Blade, a by-the-seat helicopter charter company, boasted how the service could slice above the slog of the Long Island Expressway. A New York...continued
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0da67bf7aa16c0b7dda10df8b0c1a695 Alvah @Alvah - 4 days ago
Strikes to stocks: Africa's top business news - Reuters
Ethiopia's state telecoms company launches a 5G mobile phone service in the capital, and Congo's Mines Minister seeks to end an artisanal cobalt monopoly. Here are five stories making business headlines in sub-Saharan Africa this week. David Doyle has more.Source: Reuters...continued
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F3d65d4b8ab1e1d6686bdb94b1e98f33 abhijeet @abhijeet83 - 6 days ago
How to Overcome Shyness Around Men
How to Overcome Shyness Around MenIs shyness getting the best of you when you are around men? If yes, then you are probably having problems in meeting and dating men as your shyness around men keeps interfering with your social and dating life.Shy women are often inexperi...continued
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B9fae85d63d3cf084c4f15cdbd0ccaba Giles @Giles - 5 days ago
27 Rights Groups Demand Zoom Abandon 'Invasive,' and 'Inherently Biased' Emotion Recognition Soft...
More than two dozen rights groups are calling on Zoom to scrap its efforts to explore controversial emotion recognition technology. The pushback from 27 separate groups represents some of the most forceful resistance to the emerging tech yet, which critics fear remains in...continued
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6c170accf2ec5f1d4dbc252c635bb25c Erik @Erik - 5 days ago
Alas, Elon Musk May Have a Point About Trump’s Twitter Ban
+++lead-in-textFrom the moment Elon Musk announced [his intention to buy and impose upon it his version of free speech, speculation swirled about whether he would let Donald Trump, the ultimate Twitter scofflaw, return to the platform. Well, the suspense is over. On Tues...continued
What if elon is right about trump security gettyimages 1265090189
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151d593186e8e56663df3ed32962360f Dayton @Dayton - 6 days ago
‘Legacy’ Pot Dealers in New York Want to Go Legal. Can They?
Buddy’s Versus the ‘Chads and Brads’In 2018, Mr. Cantillo started to notice designer pot strains, sold in stylized mylar bags, gaining a kind of cult status in California. “Cannabis culture is very similar to sneaker or streetwear culture, where a certain brand has a lot ...continued
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Da22e3d6f8549192c3eca95f63ffdcdc Elody @Elody - 6 days ago
Japan passes economic security bill to guard sensitive technology - Reuters.com
Empty seats are seen as lawmakers practice social distancing, during Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's policy speech at the opening of the Lower House parliamentary session in Tokyo, Japan January 18, 2021. REUTERS/Issei KatoTOKYO, May 11 (Reuters) - Japan's parliam...continued
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725ac8c62bcc32f06195cf20b372a31a Muriel @Muriel - 6 days ago
Airbnb's big redesign helps you split stays between homes
Now that it's relatively safe to travel again, Airbnb is unveiling an overhauled experience that includes some much-needed features for frequent travellers. To start, the reworked app now lets you search for categories tied to the home style, location or acti…
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Abe69d7aacc9c6d89b2d1ff5e9ac6ef4 Hank @Hank - 7 days ago
Business class travel helps post-pandemic airline sales take off
It was proclaimed moribund, if not doomed, just a year ago. But now, is business class air travel taking off again? British Airways’ owner IAG, forecasting a return to profit this year, said that a strong recovery in business bookings was driving the recovery.In a world w...continued
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2cb2f1cf49e001b23749fba977acd24a Casper @Casper - 7 days ago
Large Scale Carbon Capture Without The Technology
We humans are in something of a pickle, as we’ve put too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and caused climate change that might even wipe us out. There may still be people to whom that’s a controversial statement, but knowing something needs to be done about it should...continued
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34392094b518c79e322481ceb0004cbf Colin @Colin - 7 days ago
On the Phone, Alone
Many measures of adolescent mental health began to deteriorate sometime around 2009. It is true of the number of U.S. high-school students who say they feel persistently sad or hopeless. It’s also true of reported loneliness. And it is true of emergency room visits for se...continued
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