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J Leon Productions is an entertainment company providing DJ Wedding, Photography, Photo Booths, and Lighting services.
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Create A Lasting Memory Of Your Wedding Ceremony With The Best Dj & Photography Services
Are you hosting a birthday party, a wedding ceremony, or a corporate event? If you answered yes, then you surely found yourself tasked with all the nitty gritty details such as photographs, videos, photo booths, and the best DJ to hire for the incredible music suitable fo...continued
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Choose the best DJ for wedding ceremony! Choose J Leon Productions!
A wedding is one of the most auspicious occasions that everyone wants to celebrate in the most perfect manner. Starting from the cake to music and the attire, everything has to be perfect when you are planning your wedding. You don’t want to miss out on anything. And thus...continued
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Wedding Reception Photo Booths and Wedding Ceremony DJs
A wedding is a beautiful event in an individual’s life. People often spend weeks, if not months, preparing and planning. There are so many big and small details that a person needs to attend to ensure that the final event runs flawlessly. The DJ at a Wedding Ceremony usua...continued
Wedding reception photo booths and wedding ceremony djs
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Best Wedding DJs for a rocking Wedding Party
Weddings are special occasions that people usually spend a lot of time planning and preparing for. One needs to attend to so many details, and it may all seem overwhelming for the bridal couple and their families.  Fortunately, if you live in Virginia, you can hire the se...continued
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Reasons to Hire the services of a Professional Wedding Photographer for your Wedding!
Your Wedding is the most important day of your life whose memories you wish to cherish for a lifetime! How does one capture these moments for a lifetime? How do you share those memories with your children and grandchildren in the years to come? Well, the best way to go ab...continued
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