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The US Inches Toward Building EV Batteries at Home
+++lead-in-textThe history of battery science is filled with short circuits, explosions—and, occasionally, tales of redemption. One of these is the story of the lithium-iron-phosphate battery.+++LFP, as it's known, (the “F” refers to the Latin name for iron) was discovere...continued
Science battery gettyimages 93168987
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292890d964de1c8eba1a56fae0ed91c0 Alexzander @Alexzander - 1 day ago
Where are all the workers? Four reasons behind the labor shortage
Where are all the workers? Here are four reasons behind the labor shortageSource: CNNPowered by NewsAPI.org
220111145511 us help wanted file super tease
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Column: High prices, South America and China steering U.S. soy exports -Braun - Reuters
FORT COLLINS, Colo., Jan 6 (Reuters) - With harvest well in the past, demand and particularly exports are now in focus for U.S. soybeans and corn in the current marketing year. Exports are on an OK but not great pace so far, though the forward sales are of top concern for...continued
Reuters default
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Cc9f6ece4882994c85a7dc0305a4b841 Marjory @Marjory - 1 day ago
These 20 A/B Testing Variables Measure Successful Marketing Campaigns
Contrary to widespread practice, marketing analytics expands beyond email marketing and can be applied to practically every other inbound marketing tactic — social media, blogging, landing pages, lead generation, and lead nurturing. The possibilities for testing your mark...continued
These%2020%20ab%20testing%20variables%20measure%20successful%20marketing%20campaigns 1
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13026bc1164d1ff880b91138506d70e7 Ismael @Ismael - 2 days ago
Biogen plans to submit final design of Aduhelm confirmatory trial to FDA in March - Reuters
Aduhelm, Biogen's controversial recently approved drug for early Alzheimer's disease, is seen at Butler Hospital, one of the clinical research sites in Providence, Rhode Island, U.S. June 16, 2021. Jessica Rinaldi/Pool via REUTERSDec 16 (Reuters) - Biogen Inc (BIIB.O) sai...continued
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25dc49998970e9ad413d98493dfe5d6c Teagan @Teagan - 2 days ago
Arab Cup stress tests Qatar 2022 World Cup preparations - Reuters
As the final whistle ended the game between Tunisia and Oman, two soccer-mad Brazilian fans set out for the next match of the Arab Cup which was due to start in 90 minutes time.
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E3780485f2939dba9761ee4df3a18c47 North-Jersey News @northjerseynews - 5 days ago
North-JerseyNews – Political News from Washington
Summary: We can keep up with the latest local and national news stories by watching local and national news networks. It is possible to get political news from Washington from a biased source without paying for it. When looking for Washington breaking news, you can easil...continued
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144204f8df588d45e3b63d43663bfdee a.mammdouh92 @a.mammdouh92 - 7 days ago
Best Weight Loss Pills of 2022: Review Top Weight Loss Supplements
Weight loss pills are a shortcut for weight loss.If you’re working hard to lose weight with diet and exercise, then you owe it to yourself to take a weight loss pill. Weight loss medications complement your fat-burning routine, maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency ...continued
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LIVE MARKETS Draghi president? Maybe just business as usual - Reuters
Dec 23 - Welcome to the home for real-time coverage of markets brought to you by Reuters reporters. You can share your thoughts with us at PRESIDENT? MAYBE JUST BUSINESS AS USUAL (1059 GMT)What if the former ECB boss Mario Draghi becomes Italian president and leaves his ...continued
Reuters default
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54935a891902e2aabfc16d0ef9ab31da Americo @Americo - 10 days ago
Ghost Flights Are Polluting the Skies Thanks to Omicron
Few industries have been affected more by the covid-19 pandemic than air travel; with so few people flying for business or pleasure, airlines have taken to flying “ghost flights” to secure their takeoff and landing slots at airports.Such flights—devoid of passengers but s...continued
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041490c94bd26a3efdf85d49d9b013ba Alexie @Alexie - 12 days ago
AMC Networks’ Sentai acquisition is the latest sign that anime is big business
AMC Networks (not the movie theater chain) has acquired the anime distributor Sentai from the Cool Japan Fund investment fund, the company announced Wednesday. As a result of the deal, AMC Networks will now own the anime-focused streaming service Hidive, which will join t...continued
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F3eed7a387801e5926df83e30947b44a Accessable Design @accessabledesign - 15 days ago
Accessable Designs Prepares to Aascent Future Plans for Disabled Inclusivity
● Accessable designs have added the newly streamlined model for portable pool lift series with THE PORTABLE PRO POOL 2 LIFT and THE SPA LIFT ULTRA.● Now available with five years structural and pro-rated electronics warranty.● Products are third-party UL certified and ADA...continued
Patriot tan plastic 1030x1030 1 600x600
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25dc49998970e9ad413d98493dfe5d6c Teagan @Teagan - 15 days ago
The Creepy TikTok Algorithm Doesn’t Know You
The uncanny, addictive AI has turned math into a mystical force—and flattened humanity into a series of codes.
The creepy tiktok algorithm doesn%e2%80%99t know you
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03b2d761d0b26a1c54cdbbf90bd185e2 ak khan @akkhan - 17 days ago
Transferring big files securely has actually never been much easier! Experience huge data transferability and increase in performance with us. IT Firm Australia is the biggest Cloud FTP Hosting Company, using full Included FTP web servers to our valued clients. Most impor...continued
Website maintenance company
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Beautiful Body Essential
Beautiful Body EssentialContinue to peruse to get the assistance you want… Enhanced wellness and an extraordinary body don't just rely upon what active work you do, it moreover relies on how enthusiastically and for how long you carry on the action.That is the reason it's...continued
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25dc49998970e9ad413d98493dfe5d6c Teagan @Teagan - 17 days ago
Don Demeter, a Dodger Star of the Future Who Wasn’t, Dies at 86
Groomed to replace Duke Snider, he broke his wrist in 1960 and never lived up to expectations. But he had a fine career with four other teams.
00demeter pix facebookjumbo
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81f04e283d29fa0760d65d7be8f5d503 Action Potential Center @actionpotential61 - 19 days ago
4 Ways in which Chiropractic Care is excellent For Athletes in Austin
Many concussion specialists in Austin, TX, have their expertise and experience in chiropractic care for athletes in Austin. A Chiropractor for a sports injury in Austin specializes in sports-related injuries and provides customized chiropractic care for athletes to come b...continued
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29d678841773a96cd144675798d50e70 Maida @Maida - 19 days ago
11 vital marketing objectives and how to deliver on them
Marketing is often at the forefront of the success and advancement of any business. In fact, it would be correct to say that marketing is one of the dimensions of the competitive advantage businesses look to gain over their competitors. The best part about marketing is th...continued
Dart target arrow hitting bull
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96d2c0ccb7cce03f75db3297b9a8af04 Iva @Iva - 20 days ago
Rivian’s R1T electric truck brings adventure to the EV crowd
Announcing a vehicle is one thing, actually following through and building that vehicle at a factory and then selling it, that’s an almost impossible feat for a new company. But like Tesla before it, Rivian has pulled it off and in doing so has built one of the best truck...continued
Fd188540 6814 11ec 93d7 d9a72ca9fa67
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367ec04c80b95de4cfdf036599b35350 Garnet @Garnet - 22 days ago
The History of Predicting the Future
+++lead-in-textThe future has a history. The good news is that it’s one from which we can learn; the bad news is that we very rarely do. That’s because the clearest lesson from the history of the future is that knowing the future isn’t necessarily very useful. But that ha...continued
Lessons from the history of predicting the future
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59816f1a079b4a5065da806f325bb07a sungtaek @sungtaek - 23 days ago
How to Find Cryptocurrency Predictions?
If you have been investing in cryptocurrency, you know that considering the market conditions is of paramount importance. As an investor, you should be aware of what's going on with different currencies and what other traders say about the future.Therefore, if you want to...continued
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59816f1a079b4a5065da806f325bb07a sungtaek @sungtaek - 23 days ago
foreign exchange investing class.
If you've been tempted by the guarantees of easy income to be had from foreign money buying and selling, it's good to know that these promises are solely half way to the truth. However in a glass half empty sort of way, the earnings could be made, however they certainly a...continued
Stock market
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25dc49998970e9ad413d98493dfe5d6c Teagan @Teagan - 23 days ago
The UK will be stuck with low wages until productivity goes up
The years from 2007-2022 are forecast to be the worst on record for household incomes. It’s not hard to see whyIn the good old days, the fields were green, we’d never heard of Covid and pay packets grew. The last point sounds like a fairytale because stagnant…
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5 Low Price-to-Book Value Stocks to Buy as 2022 Nears
In value analysis, though price to earnings (P/E) and price to sales (P/S) are most preferred by investors, the underrated price-to-book ratio (P/B ratio) is also an easy-to-use valuation tool for identifying low-priced stocks with exceptional returns. The ratio is used t...continued
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Affiliate marketing earning Methods
Affiliate marketing is an online business that pays and is increasing in popularity each day. Most anyone with a little computer experience and the willingness to learn can become successful in the world of affiliate marketing. There are online learning resources that wil...continued
Make money
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