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C32976707dcb28036c1f4ea777f1875b Kraig @Kraig - about 19 hours ago

How Many of Quibi's Paltry Launch Day Downloads Were Rage Downloads?

Image : QuibiQuibi, the (mostly) mobile- only streaming service that launched this week, doesn’t appear to have had a spectacular response straight out of the gate—in fact, the response was rather abysmal. According to one preliminary estimate, Quibi’s launch-day download...continued
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C0c3cfe5664cc7e6deb04e9e150ccd98 Devin @Devin - 2 days ago

Bringg nabs $30M to expand its delivery logistics platform used by Walmart and others

Over the last several years, delivery services have become a key component of how retailers, or anyone selling or distributing products and services, do business. Now, with a global health pandemic in full swing keeping people indoors (and away from physical storefronts),...continued
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A6c0c46e61817f7ae594dd513e06b21d Elliott @Elliott - 2 days ago

Einride demonstrates a single operator controlling multiple of its driverless cargo vehicles

Autonomous electric transportation startup Einride has taken a key step in its mission to deploy autonomous cargo pods on roads for commercial operations. The Swedish startup demonstrated its technology in use with one person remotely operating two pods at once, which is ...continued
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A59a299a48e660a4cad891f05afdefa8 Geovany @Geovany - 4 days ago

Vericool raises $19.1 million for its plant-based packaging replacement for plastic coolers

Vericool, a Livermore, Calif.-based startup that’s replacing plastic coolers and packaging with plant-based products, has raised $19.1 million in a new round of financing.The company’s stated goal is to replace traditional packaging materials like polystyrene with plant-b...continued
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E77c53a55e474cb5ad875ffdba0be8e5 Leda @Leda - 4 days ago

New guidance on SBA loans means most startups are still excluded from $349 billion stimulus

Under new guidance issued by the Small Business Administration it seems non-profits and faith-based groups can apply for the Paycheck Protection Program loans designed to keep small business afloat during the COVID-19 epidemic, but most venture-backed companies are still ...continued
Net neutrality capitol
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Bbe6309a1d067c75a83f525952377ae7 Rahsaan @Rahsaan - 5 days ago

Olive, a startup developing an automation tool for healthcare administration, raises $51 million

Time is money, as the old adage goes, and this is doubly true in healthcare systems operating with thin margins now made even thinner thanks to the loss of revenue caused by a freeze on elective procedures.Stepping in with a technology that automates much of the time-cons...continued
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Da22e3d6f8549192c3eca95f63ffdcdc Elody @Elody - 7 days ago

Ikea acquires AI imaging startup Geomagical Labs to supercharge room visualisations

Ikea, the Swedish home furnishings and decor giant, has been one of the leaders among retailers when it comes to adapting to tech innovations that impact its business, being one of the first to launch augmented reality applications, partnering with others to develop smart...continued
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5f2a5d252075b249ec8e8890761ce609 Arvid @Arvid - 8 days ago

It's Time to Stop Using Your Travel Rewards Credit Card

Image : ShutterstockUntil very recently, I put the majority of my spending on credit cards that offered me travel rewards . I favored an airline card for personal spending and a business travel card for freelance spending. S ince I (used to) travel relatively often, I was...continued
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61d3ff630fa6a556085f59f9ba20938e Assunta @Assunta - 8 days ago

The Cargo Industry’s Quest to Curb Carbon-Belching Ships

Stefan eefting is, as he puts it, “a long-lasting guy” in the shipping industry. He started as an apprentice engineer in a German shipyard in 1984, and now he's a senior vice president at MAN Energy Solutions, a firm whose engines power every second vessel on the deep sea...continued
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Da22e3d6f8549192c3eca95f63ffdcdc Elody @Elody - 8 days ago

T-Mobile completes Sprint merger

Like they have from the start, the combined companies maintain that this will help advance 5G in the US. The expanded T-Mobile claims it will have speeds up to 15 times faster in the next six years, 14 times more capacity and 5G coverage reaching 99 percent of the US popu...continued
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0dc07c0d4e39afa6eb19dda76eb11879 Kristina @Kristina - 11 days ago

3 critical App Store Optimization mistakes you’re overlooking

Wrong Priorities in ASOASO is getting more and more complex, unexpected and multidimensional. This has made prioritization painfully difficult for marketers. You have to manage graphic assets and do creative optimization, while taking care of the wording and paraphrasing ...continued
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Bcc328421e41493288f095ab9a711673 Roger @Roger - 11 days ago

Trish Regan, who called coronavirus an 'impeachment scam,' leaves Fox Business

Fox Business has parted ways with host Trish Regan, who was heavily criticized earlier this month for calling coronavirus an "impeachment hoax" against Donald Trump.The network announced its decision on Friday. "Fox Business has parted ways with Trish Regan — we thank her...continued
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394b4c0c4dd468b433ba43c77bdbb708 Bart @Bart - 13 days ago

Verizon increases network infrastructure investment by $500M

Verizon said Thursday it will boost investment in network infrastructure, increasing its capital guidance by $500 million, to prepare for the rise in telecommuting and online learning amid the coronavirus outbreak.Verizon has not seen any measurable increases in data usag...continued
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6232f8a636fcadbbec0b89d4f6ded6e2 Ericka @Ericka - 13 days ago

How to disinfect all your Apple gear [Cult of Mac Magazine 339]

With the COVID-19 virus spreading in the United States, it might be time to disinfect your iPhone and the rest of your Apple gear. In this week’s issue of Cult of Mac Magazine, we’ll show you how to disinfect your Mac, iPhone, mouse, trackpad, keyboard and cases. (And, ye...continued
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9c02f74a2060b9a7d8d9cd41fd6c26ed Clarissa @Clarissa - 13 days ago

TuSimple partners with supplier ZF to mass produce self-driving truck tech

Self-driving truck startup TuSimple is partnering with automotive supplier ZF to develop and produce autonomous vehicle technology, such as sensors, on a commercial scale.The partnership, slated to begin in April, will cover China, Europe and North America. The two compan...continued
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4a267f11de75663a48a0fdf6365ffa8c Elvie @Elvie - 14 days ago

Yaguara nabs $7.2M seed to help e-commerce companies understand customers better

Yaguara, a Denver-based startup that wants to help e-commerce companies understand their customers better to deliver more meaningful experiences, announced a $7.2 million seed investment today.The round was led by Foundation Capital with participation from Gradient Ventur...continued
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10f64d8d0be1cc890068d55fc752e9ee Alexandro @Alexandro - 15 days ago

While Many Restaurants Struggle, Here's How One Is Thriving

Driving through eerily quiet Seattle on Friday, I tuned into an NPR interview in which a Dallas taco shop owner summed up the outlook for the country's restaurants in the face of the coronavirus pandemic: "Bleak." It’s a widely echoed sentiment. Making the rush-hour trip ...continued
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6232f8a636fcadbbec0b89d4f6ded6e2 Ericka @Ericka - 15 days ago

Supercomputers are being used to study coronavirus

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70753e5e348bf454161ee0bcc63fed8d Juliet @Juliet - 16 days ago

Startups are helping cloud infrastructure customers avoid vendor lock-in

For much of the history of enterprise technology, companies tended to buy from a single vendor because it made managing the entire affair much easier while giving them a “single throat to choke” when something went wrong. On the flip side, it also put customers at the mer...continued
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13026bc1164d1ff880b91138506d70e7 Ismael @Ismael - 16 days ago

Is Technology Artificially Engineering Panic?

In recent years, we’ve seen unprecedented levels of public panic in response to a variety of events, including natural disasters, pandemics, and even basic social concerns. When news breaks of some new threat or danger, people react very strongly—sometimes limited to aggr...continued
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Dd00644dc8212e2e9fd2e6ce7a756bbf Jerrold @Jerrold - 16 days ago

Looming delay spells uncertain future for 'Tokyo 2020' merchandise

TOKYO (Reuters) - Vendors of a vast array of Tokyo 2020-themed trinkets are looking to cash in from a looming postponement of the Games, because of a global coronavirus pandemic, by marketing their items as emblems of something that never happened instead.FILE PHOTO: A ma...continued
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30ac4bba47a0498502bf602bad16409a Meggie @Meggie - 18 days ago

GameStop will temporarily close all storefronts to customers

GameStop is temporarily closing all its US-based retail locations and moving to “delivery only” starting on March 22nd, the company announced today. It’s an abrupt reversal for the company, which just a few days ago was defending its decision to keep its stores open, as a...continued
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2f3192374c3e88221a336dc5d319c4a3 Zetta @Zetta - 19 days ago

This $15 Course Can Teach You How to Scale a Business on YouTube

Video is becoming a more viable marketing channel.March 21, 2020 2 min readDisclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you'll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from...continued
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B32a14d6694cf7df7a187f69ad01ace5 Patrick @Patrick - 21 days ago

Use accelerated retargeting to increase conversions

We’ve aggregated many of the world’s best growth marketers into one community. Twice a month we ask them to share their most effective growth tactics, and we compile them into this growth report.This is how you stay up-to-date on growth marketing tactics — with advice tha...continued
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Aafc872a384e36f0c748991d0e7580c6 Minnie @Minnie - 21 days ago

Tesla is shutting down its factory in Fremont, California

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