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A6c0c46e61817f7ae594dd513e06b21d Elliott @Elliott - 2 days ago

Einride demonstrates a single operator controlling multiple of its driverless cargo vehicles

Autonomous electric transportation startup Einride has taken a key step in its mission to deploy autonomous cargo pods on roads for commercial operations. The Swedish startup demonstrated its technology in use with one person remotely operating two pods at once, which is ...continued
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1adaf62f6727e453ef8e84f05a069975 Oren @Oren - 2 days ago

Microsoft acquires 5G specialist Affirmed Networks

Microsoft today announced that it has acquired Affirmed Networks, a company that specializes in fully virtualized, cloud-native networking solutions for telecom operators.With its focus on 5G and edge computing, Affirmed looks like the ideal acquisition target for a large...continued
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394b4c0c4dd468b433ba43c77bdbb708 Bart @Bart - 2 days ago

5 Effective Low-Budget Marketing Strategies for Startups

Go back to basics with these proven methods of effective marketing.April 7, 2020 5 min readOpinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.Startups operate under extremely tight budgets, which makes it almost impossible for them to set aside a marketing budg...continued
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Bbe6309a1d067c75a83f525952377ae7 Rahsaan @Rahsaan - 3 days ago

'Artemis Fowl' will debut on Disney+

Artemis Fowl, based on the first book of the Artemis Fowl series by author Eoin Colfer, was originally supposed to be out in theaters in August 2019. Its release got pushed back to 2020 even before COVID-19 became a global issue.Disney didn't explain why it'll no longer g...continued
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4a267f11de75663a48a0fdf6365ffa8c Elvie @Elvie - 3 days ago

WAB Club Feature: Han-In Table Tennis Club

April 5, 2020 (by Steve Hopkins) With their location in Palisades Park, New Jersey, Han-In table Tennis is centrally located in the largest population center in North America.  They are just off of I-95, near the New Jersey Turnpike and the George Washington Bridge...continued
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1a4d3a462311ba36d913731c2e16402c Pablo @Pablo - 4 days ago

Madam CJ Walker: 'An inspiration to us all'

Image copyright David Lee/Netflix Image caption Octavia Spencer stars in a new Netflix show about the life of Madam CJ WalkerWhen American journalist A'Lelia Bundles published her first article about her great-great grandmother, Madam CJ Walker in 1982, it was in the "los...continued
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Bbe6309a1d067c75a83f525952377ae7 Rahsaan @Rahsaan - 5 days ago

Olive, a startup developing an automation tool for healthcare administration, raises $51 million

Time is money, as the old adage goes, and this is doubly true in healthcare systems operating with thin margins now made even thinner thanks to the loss of revenue caused by a freeze on elective procedures.Stepping in with a technology that automates much of the time-cons...continued
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B2ab4609b89b7e7c7408477bb01daf27 Jimmy @Jimmy - 6 days ago

Using Seamless while on coronavirus lockdown? Here's how to do it without hurting local business.

As in many cities, every business except those deemed essential has closed in New York City amid the coronavirus pandemic.While you can’t sit down at a restaurant, eateries can, thankfully, still offer takeout. It makes sense in New York especially, where some of us live ...continued
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Dd00644dc8212e2e9fd2e6ce7a756bbf Jerrold @Jerrold - 7 days ago

Nextdoor allows businesses to reach out about pandemic relief efforts

Facebook isn't the only site that added ways for people to help out their community during the pandemic. Nextdoor is doing the same thing, with several new updates that'll let you and fellow community members lend a hand to local businesses that might be in need.Starting ...continued
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37ec91099450fc2fc637c77e78953759 Anderson @Anderson - 8 days ago

Wimbledon tennis tournament canceled

(CNN) This year's Wimbledon tennis championships have been canceled by organizers because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.The grass-court grand slam was due to begin on June 29 but a decision was made to scrap the event for the first time since World War II.The number...continued
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B2e1b8b378e5e7660ec2a2923ad69789 Marlon @Marlon - 8 days ago

NFL owners vote to approve expanded playoffs

2:09 PM ETNFL team owners formally approved a plan Tuesday to expand the postseason to 14 teams, beginning with the 2020 season.During a conference call to discuss league business after the annual meetings were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the owners also awa...continued
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B4a2c9b63fd68a080a47d2a35293e167 Webster @Webster - 8 days ago

NFL execs planning for season to start on time

3:59 PM ETThe NFL plans to start its 2020 season on time in September, multiple executives said Tuesday, despite a global coronavirus pandemic that has shut down sports around the world."That's our expectation," executive vice president/general counsel Jeff Pash said duri...continued
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Aafc872a384e36f0c748991d0e7580c6 Minnie @Minnie - 10 days ago

How to make the most of working from home

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.Source: CNNPowered by
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10f64d8d0be1cc890068d55fc752e9ee Alexandro @Alexandro - 10 days ago

Atlassian’s Confluence gets a new template gallery

Confluence, Atlassian’s content-centric collaboration tool for teams, is making it easier for new users to get started with the launch of an updated template gallery and 75 new templates. They incorporate what the company has learned from its customers and partners since ...continued
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37ec91099450fc2fc637c77e78953759 Anderson @Anderson - 11 days ago

The Right to Repair Will Help Us Endure Outbreaks

I’ve been thinking a lot about resilience lately.Coronavirus is sweeping the globe, carrying with it supply chain disruptions and fear. My iFixit purchasing team has been trapped in Taiwan since January, waiting for the all clear to go back to work in our Chinese supply c...continued
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498be12662c1d913d0cbee6108a66520 Torey @Torey - 12 days ago

A new FDA-authorized COVID-19 test doesn’t need a lab and can produce results in just 5 minutes

There’s a new COVID-19 test from healthcare technology maker Abbott that looks to be the fastest yet in terms of producing results, and that can do so on the spot right at point-of-care, without requiring a round trip to a lab. This test for the novel coronavirus causing ...continued
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769b45cbbba62f6d3aa67bb11e7a293f Raoul @Raoul - 12 days ago

As the U.S. shuts down, StockX’s business is booming, says its CEO

StockX, the high-flying resale marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of sneakers, streetwear, handbags and other collectible items, has seen its fortune rise along with the $6 billion global sneaker resale market, which is part of the broader $100 billion sneaker c...continued
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37ec91099450fc2fc637c77e78953759 Anderson @Anderson - 12 days ago

A woman in Oregon and a high school boy in Washington state are the latest presumptive positives,...

(CNN) A patient infected with the novel coronavirus in Washington state has died, a state health official said Saturday, marking the first death due to the virus in the United States.The patient was a man in his 50s who had underlying health conditions, according to Dr. J...continued
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9c02f74a2060b9a7d8d9cd41fd6c26ed Clarissa @Clarissa - 13 days ago

TuSimple partners with supplier ZF to mass produce self-driving truck tech

Self-driving truck startup TuSimple is partnering with automotive supplier ZF to develop and produce autonomous vehicle technology, such as sensors, on a commercial scale.The partnership, slated to begin in April, will cover China, Europe and North America. The two compan...continued
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4a267f11de75663a48a0fdf6365ffa8c Elvie @Elvie - 14 days ago

Yaguara nabs $7.2M seed to help e-commerce companies understand customers better

Yaguara, a Denver-based startup that wants to help e-commerce companies understand their customers better to deliver more meaningful experiences, announced a $7.2 million seed investment today.The round was led by Foundation Capital with participation from Gradient Ventur...continued
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6c170accf2ec5f1d4dbc252c635bb25c Erik @Erik - 14 days ago raises $13M on its unsupervised learning approach to driverless car AI

Four years ago, mathematician Vlad Voroninski saw an opportunity to remove some of the bottlenecks in the development of autonomous vehicle technology thanks to breakthroughs in deep learning.Now,, the startup he co-founded in 2016 with Tudor Achim, is coming out ...continued
Helm ai interior
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Eac8a1ccc60323b8c8f2660965836fef Immanuel @Immanuel - 14 days ago

Now Is the Time to Partner With Your Customers

Peer marketing in this climate of global disruption.March 25, 2020 5 min readOpinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.Essentially overnight, a huge proportion of the advertising industry’s inventory has simply evaporated. Like a solar eclipse, COVID-1...continued
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56a34dc91390858efd1999c86a89c348 George @George - 15 days ago

New York State seeks tech talent for its COVID-19 technology SWAT team

New York State is ramping up efforts to combat the growing coronavirus pandemic, including appeals to all industries for help in the form of much-needed medical equipment for healthcare workers. It’s also specifically asking for help from the tech community, through an op...continued
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8bc9d6e15b3458e41c925e171d8de6d8 Jany @Jany - 16 days ago

Yelp and GoFundMe team up to promote local business fundraisers

Following the announcement that it’s committing $25 million in waived fees and free services to support local businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Yelp announced a new effort this morning: a partnership with GoFundMe that will bring Donate buttons to businesses’ ...continued
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Dd00644dc8212e2e9fd2e6ce7a756bbf Jerrold @Jerrold - 16 days ago

Looming delay spells uncertain future for 'Tokyo 2020' merchandise

TOKYO (Reuters) - Vendors of a vast array of Tokyo 2020-themed trinkets are looking to cash in from a looming postponement of the Games, because of a global coronavirus pandemic, by marketing their items as emblems of something that never happened instead.FILE PHOTO: A ma...continued
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