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E24fbc26defddfb1e6fde02734455287 Peter Omondi @omondipeter - 1 day ago

Building A Righteous Bod: 5 Commandments Of Smart Dieting

To see the best results from any diet plan, you’ve got to know the “Diet Commandments.” These guidelines are essential for superior results. They will take you to the Promised Land, flowing with good health and energy.Sadly, many dieters miss out on one or more of these r...continued
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Cc9f6ece4882994c85a7dc0305a4b841 Marjory @Marjory - about 24 hours ago

Leaked Trump order is a wide-ranging attack on Facebook and Twitter

The Trump administration is putting the final touches on a sweeping executive order designed to punish online platforms for perceived anti-conservative bias. Legal scholar Kate Klonick obtained a draft of the document and posted it online late Wednesday night."In a countr...continued
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422f200971248def7ffc1673a54fa3cb Grayce @Grayce - 1 day ago

Why an IVF Treatment for Infertility Could Work - Credihealth Blog

In contemporary times, the problem of infertility is rising at an alarming rate in both men and women. Infertility is a condition that prevents a man or a woman from contributing successfully in the process of conceiving. The medical fraternity has high regard for In Vitr...continued
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0dc07c0d4e39afa6eb19dda76eb11879 Kristina @Kristina - about 21 hours ago

What is Blackout Tuesday and how can you participate in a helpful way?

If you’ve noticed your Instagram feed full of black squares, there’s a reason behind it.It might seem like a straightforward moment of solidarity, but it gets a little bit complicated when you consider the whole picture. In a nutshell: It's a music industry initiative tha...continued
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192059156a7075f96be3d979645bdbcc Zackery @Zackery - about 23 hours ago

Flour business saved by amateur bakers

This is what it's like to travel across Europe right nowSource: CNNPowered by NewsAPI.org
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62b830bbc5092803336a4f6bb9370281 Manley @Manley - 2 days ago

Carly Fiorina's journey from secretary to CEO

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Carly Fiorina now spends most of her time on her philanthropy workThe BBC's weekly The Boss series profiles different business leaders from around the world. This week we speak to Carly Fiorina, US business leader, political figu...continued
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Fb0a793362cdf2814e0348a3708dd5f1 Uday Patel @pateluday - 1 day ago

High End Resorts in Bandhavgarh What to Expect!

Most of the high end resorts in Bandhavgarh offer mix of amenities urban and local or traditional. Remote situation impact accommodations and bring about a character change. First imperative is the architecture and ambiance which should gel with the local environment...th...continued
Taj mahua kothi
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16c8b607c7657983ebe6ccd5f27aa48d Onkar Jadhav @onkar_jadhavv - 1 day ago

"Bad Banks" Why India should not create it.

The banking industry is the core of any economic activity. Banks mostly rotate around the money, which acts as blood in the economy. A healthy banking system can give a boost to an economy and vice versa. Thus having a well-organised banking system becomes a need, and man...continued
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Bbe6309a1d067c75a83f525952377ae7 Rahsaan @Rahsaan - 2 days ago

George Floyd death: Michael Jordan 'truly pained and plain angry'

Liverpool players took a break from training at Anfield on Monday for this pictureLiverpool players took a knee around the centre circle at Anfield in a message of support following the death in police custody of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis.The picture fe...continued
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04a64f84d721b6df66a530b0ad39aa4a Kim Leang @kimleang168 - 2 days ago

Weight Loss: Quality Over Quantity

Don't you just love it when the "research" agrees with what you've been saying all along? I sure do. If you read any of my work, you know I have long said that the quality of the fuel you put into your body is the most important factor when it comes to health and also to...continued
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Ebaad8c6c263686b0f7c44c6dbc5262d Gopal jethwa @Gopaljethwa7 - 3 days ago

Weight loss strategies

When it comes to weight loss, it is true that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What works for your friend may not work for you. This is because of the fundamental fact that the biological responses to each and everyone's body is different and the reason for that de...continued
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C4255dcf121470d0a4a7f3dbf55e2ad7 sahaltailor786 @sahaltailor786 - 3 days ago

Review Of The Latest Weight Loss Product In The Market

According to global research, 40% of the world's population are not aware of the harmful effects and different diseases caused by obesity.However, obesity is a major problem in the world today. With our hectic lives, many people are looking for something that can help the...continued
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5ef1e028b3230c822d3689f8547d4727 gossiptechnica @gossiptechnica - 3 days ago

keto meal plans

Beers while on keto? Here are a few ones you can drink and still stay on keto. Remember, these are still alcohol and must be consumed in moderation. Also, alcohol is not good for the liver, as you know, and if you want to stay maximally healthy, it is always best to avoid...continued
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C4255dcf121470d0a4a7f3dbf55e2ad7 sahaltailor786 @sahaltailor786 - 3 days ago

Try These Easy To Follow Weight Loss Tips

Achieving weight loss is not that easy. It needs a good strategy, planning and motivation to lose weight. Some of the weight loss tips, which can be followed at ease, are listed here to stay healthy as well as to stay fit with a perfect body figure.Eating the right way he...continued
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30ac4bba47a0498502bf602bad16409a Meggie @Meggie - 4 days ago

Need website hosting for your business? Here are 6 great choices.

All products featured here are independently selected by our editors and writers.If you buy something through links on our site, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.The speed of your site and its reliability depend upon the web hosting service you choose. It's hard ...continued
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1bd665cfdc2ebddfa4e39c96971aafdf Elian @Elian - 4 days ago

Grubhub Reportedly Demanding Alimony in Prenup With Uber

Photo : GettyIn Uber’s apparent Hail Mary bid to buy Grubhub as a measure meant to help its beleaguered business, talks have reportedly stalled over Grubhub’s demand for a breakup fee should the deal fall through.AdvertisementCiting sources familiar with the matter, Bloom...continued
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C32976707dcb28036c1f4ea777f1875b Kraig @Kraig - 4 days ago

Can Ear Mites in Cats Harm Humans? - Credihealth Blog

Ear mites are external parasites who live in the warmth of ear canals and thrive on organic matter present in it. Generally, ear mites choose animals as their hosts. And your pets are likely to be good hosts for ear mites. One of the different sources of getting infected ...continued
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Fb0a793362cdf2814e0348a3708dd5f1 Uday Patel @pateluday - 4 days ago

Wildlife Hotels & Resorts in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

Right at the end of Vindhya Range in Madhya Pradesh is Maikal Hills this where it converges with the Satpura Range and together they comprise of Highlands of Central India. Bandhavgarh National Park and tiger reserve is part of these magnificent mountain chain. The talles...continued
Lemon tree lodge
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1adaf62f6727e453ef8e84f05a069975 Oren @Oren - 5 days ago

Join us June 3 for a contact tracing and exposure notification app development and deployment forum

Exposure notification and contact tracing are two related but distinct measures many public health authorities are either considering or already implementing.Contact tracing is a practice almost as old as epidemiology itself, but today’s technology means the way that we g...continued
Exposure notification
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9c02f74a2060b9a7d8d9cd41fd6c26ed Clarissa @Clarissa - 5 days ago

Trump just escalated his Twitter feud, and 4 other business stories you need to read today

(CNN Business) Welcome to your Thursday business news wrap, where we're catching you up on the essentials. Also Hot Pockets, the leading economic indicator that we've all given up on 2020.KNIVES OUTAs expected, President Trump fired off an executive order on Thursday that...continued
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Bec5a837fa0aacaf2687a4be04c81914 Oscar Adams @oscaradams - 5 days ago

Weight Loss Tip: Can Starving Your Body Make Your Body Gain More Weight?

No, that title is not a typo.One of the things that make people not get the weight loss results that they want is that they may occasionally be starving their bodies.There are two basic ways that this can happen. One is for it to be done inadvertently—like when you just g...continued
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5415150299ed43292d49bae84b4b373d thesamzanella @thesamzanella - 5 days ago

Diet And Exercising For Weight Loss

Obesity is now being called an epidemic in the health community. In fact, it will soon be the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, even ahead of cigarette smoking. Obesity leads to type two diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke and eve...continued
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D1677dc69e85689e549f4633fb450e85 afzal hussain @afzal222 - 5 days ago

Affiliate Marketing Secrets, Strategies, and More!

Step-by-step Guide of Affiliate Marketing StrategyMaking money from affiliate marketing is an art. Only writing a great product review or promoting a great product will not work to make any sales from your affiliate links. But you have to do many other things to make mone...continued
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9c02f74a2060b9a7d8d9cd41fd6c26ed Clarissa @Clarissa - 6 days ago

A 12 year journey ends as Skimlinks is acquired by retail marketing platform Connexity

Connexity, a lead-gen platform for online retailers, has acquired Skimlinks, a UK platform for publishers to make money through affiliate links. Terms of the deal were undisclosed. According to Crunchbase, Skimlinks had raised a total of $25.5M and reached a late a Series...continued
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Bbe6309a1d067c75a83f525952377ae7 Rahsaan @Rahsaan - 5 days ago

Murray to play in 'Battle of Brits' tournament organised by brother Jamie

Andy Murray has not played since November's Davis Cup Finals because of a bruise on his pelvic boneAndy Murray will play in a tournament organised by brother Jamie that will raise money for NHS Charities Together.'Schroders Battle of the Brits' will take place behind clos...continued
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