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25dc49998970e9ad413d98493dfe5d6c Teagan @Teagan - about 13 hours ago
Airbnb CEO: We had to rebuild our company from the ground up
New York (CNN Business) Airbnb has been on a wild ride. Many had doubted it could survive as Covid cases soared and the company lost 80% of its business. But now things are turning around for the vacation home rental business, with users booking longer stays thanks to gre...continued
210921141717 02 brian chesky erin burnett interview super tease
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61d3ff630fa6a556085f59f9ba20938e Assunta @Assunta - 1 day ago
Australian growth marketing agency Ammo helps startups calibrate their efforts
When you are the founder of a young startup, it is always very hard to gauge the right amount of effort to dedicate to marketing. Botch it and you risk looking unprofessional. Hire a traditional agency and you might be wasting time and money.Australian growth marketing ag...continued
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Da22e3d6f8549192c3eca95f63ffdcdc Elody @Elody - 1 day ago
Business Updates: What Would an Evergrande Default Look Like?
Daily Business BriefingSept. 21, 2021Updated Sept. 21, 2021, 12:42 p.m. ETSept. 21, 2021, 12:42 p.m. ETWall Street began to recover on Tuesday from its worst decline in months, posting a small gain in a day of turbulent trading.The SP 500 rose about half a percent, after ...continued
21economy briefing china evergrande facebookjumbo
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1a4d3a462311ba36d913731c2e16402c Pablo @Pablo - 2 days ago
How Transparent, 'Vampire' Catfish May Travel Unseen Through the Amazon River
The Amazon River basin’s most notorious bloodsuckers may not be all drama and gore after all. New findings suggest that some candiru—the vampire fish—may have a more benign relationship with their host fishes, using the hosts’ bodies as transportation or prot…
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F132207e5fa223ce1ff68c442f726457 Suchit @Suchit12 - 4 days ago
An Inter-Racial Dating Site
Man or for that a woman always looks for diverse experiences in life. Many fantasize about an interracial partner and wonder how to go about it. This can be a full stop as the question that comes up as to how if you are black can have a white girl on a date.Click here to ...continued
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9b25e3cdd7708c288912746ec95d7c9b Liliane @Liliane - 5 days ago
How to Build Ideal Partner Personas for Channel Marketing
The world of marketing has become increasingly more complex in recent years. With omnichannel approaches, platforms, and various approaches to content. it can sometimes seem that a marketer’s work is never done. But, thankfully, new ways of dealing with our marketing issu...continued
Partners channel marketing
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F8901f0cff3b25b34627127dbc99fb89 Allene @Allene - 6 days ago
Don’t miss the Startup Alley Crawls at Disrupt next week
Don’t miss the Startup Alley Crawls at Disrupt next coming down to the wire folks. TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 — our flagship global event — takes over the internet on September 21-23. More than 10,000 people will attend to learn about the latest tech and investment trends f...continued
Disrupt 2020 illustration
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292890d964de1c8eba1a56fae0ed91c0 Alexzander @Alexzander - 7 days ago
Goldman says $2.2B purchase of BNPL provider GreenSky will help expand Marcus
Goldman says $2.2B purchase of BNPL provider GreenSky will help expand morning, Goldman Sachs announced plans to acquire B2B2C lender GreenSky in a deal worth $2.24 billion. The acquisition, which is still subject to regulatory approval and is expected to close in the fo...continued
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24f317f89bef5f8cefa430eec1cd2f6d Nestor @Nestor - 7 days ago
Business Updates: Lucid Motors Beats Tesla in Range, E.P.A. Says
Daily Business BriefingSept. 16, 2021Updated Sept. 16, 2021, 11:57 a.m. ETSept. 16, 2021, 11:57 a.m. ETRetail sales increased slightly in August, the Commerce Department reported Thursday, highlighting an uneven pace for the economic recovery as spending behavior swings m...continued
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B4a2c9b63fd68a080a47d2a35293e167 Webster @Webster - 8 days ago
Logistics startup Stord raises $90M in Kleiner Perkins-led round, becomes a unicorn and acquires ...
When Kleiner Perkins led Stord’s $12.4 million Series A in 2019, its founders were in their early 20s and so passionate about their startup that they each dropped out of their respective schools to focus on growing the business.Fast-forward two years and Stord — an Atlant...continued
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1bd665cfdc2ebddfa4e39c96971aafdf Elian @Elian - 9 days ago
Autonomous tugboat will make a trailblazing 1,150 mile voyage
There are a number of autonomous boats under development, but we've seen few commercial self-driving ships plying waterways. Now, a company called Sea Machines has announced that it will send an autonomous, remotely commanded tugboat on a 1,000 nautical mile (1,150 mile) ...continued
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1a914154cd263fa68f1b8d6529ef63dd Sandrine @Sandrine - 8 days ago
SIGN UP NOW: Why the key to attracting and keeping loyal customers is appealing to their core values
Valuegraphics is a new consumer research tool to understand what customers really want. On October 7, PayPal's digital event will present exclusive insights about how marketers can leverage valuegraphics data. David Allison, b...continued
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Ac7d6ae4836b778c0e45d9f73deed0cb Delia @Delia - 9 days ago
Apple patches a NSO zero-day flaw affecting all devices
Apple has released security updates for a zero-day vulnerability that affects every iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Citizen Lab, which discovered the vulnerability and was credited with the find, urges users to immediately update their devices.The technology giant said...continued
Nso iphone hack
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147dc0c27c3cd291f5eab25bef76237a Americo @Americo - 10 days ago
Fusion energy nears reality thanks to an ultra-powerful magnet
Fusion energy just had its second breakthrough in as many months. Motherboard notes an MIT- and Commonwealth Fusion Systems-led research team has successfully demonstrated a high-temperature superconducting electromagnet producing a field strength of 20 tesla — the most p...continued
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125f097c91a427394e6d36ae98c72376 Elaina @Elaina - 11 days ago
Data Brokers Know Where You Are—and Want to Sell That Intel
At the end of July, a Catholic priest resigned from the church, after Catholic news site The Pillar outed him by purchasing location data from a data broker on his usage of Grindr. The incident didn’t just illustrate how people can wield Grindr data against members of the...continued
Data brokers know where you are%25e2%2580%2594and want to sell that intel
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A6c0c46e61817f7ae594dd513e06b21d Elliott @Elliott - 11 days ago
Marketing compliance firm Pixalate raises $18.1M
The Transform Technology Summits start October 13th with Low-Code/No Code: Enabling Enterprise Agility. Register now!The market for policing the world of online advertising is heating up. Pixalate, the advertising analytics firm based in Palo Alto and London, announced a ...continued
Data privacy
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Abe69d7aacc9c6d89b2d1ff5e9ac6ef4 Hank @Hank - 11 days ago
Learning Video Production Can Help You Scale Your Business
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.If there's one thing consumers want more of in 2021, it's video. Sixty-six percent of people would rather watch a short video about a product or service over reading something, and 68 percent of them will watch...continued
1629295284 ent videoproduction
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192059156a7075f96be3d979645bdbcc Zackery @Zackery - 13 days ago
The 2022 Chevrolet Silverado gets a tech upgrade, hands-free trailering and a new ZR2 off-road fl...
GM unveiled Thursday the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado, a full-sized pickup truck that received a major technology upgrade, including its hands-free Super Cruise advanced driver assistance system and an infotainment system with embedded Google services, as well as an overhaule...continued
2022 chevrolet silverado zr2 005
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Ed258c85465a50dee9e6425ecf24849d Wilmer @Wilmer - 13 days ago
How to Work Two Full-Time Jobs Without Getting in Trouble
According to recent reports from Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and Business Insider, there’s a new trend in remote work: Simultaneously (and secretly) holding down two full-time, salaried jobs—and enjoying all the perks that come with two salaries. If you work from hom...continued
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1a4d3a462311ba36d913731c2e16402c Pablo @Pablo - 13 days ago
NY fashion week opens with colors, florals by Badgley Mischka, Tadashi Shoji - Reuters
Fashion designers Badgley Mischka and Tadashi Shoji presented vibrant colourful outfits on the first day of New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, offering plenty of eye-catching hues and florals for women's spring wardrobes.
Reuters default
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C8fdc7c246b9dd38f4ef160727d6eec5 Monserrat @Monserrat - 15 days ago
The next Theranos should be shortable
Matthew Wansley is assistant professor of Law at Cardozo School of Law in New York. A jury will soon decide whether former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is guilty of a federal crime. But the deeper public policy questions that Theranos raised remain unanswered. How did...continued
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147dc0c27c3cd291f5eab25bef76237a Americo @Americo - 15 days ago
TikTok and Snap alums launch mayk.it, a social music creation app, with $4M in seed funding
After living through the global upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers are re-evaluating their career path. Stefan Heinrich Henriquez, a former head of Global Marketing at TikTok and chief marketing officer at Cameo, is one of them.“I have been thinking about mus...continued
Mayk.it co founders
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1bd665cfdc2ebddfa4e39c96971aafdf Elian @Elian - 16 days ago
Emulate Inc closes $82M Series E to fund expansion of “organ-on-a-chip” products
Emulate Inc., a biotech company focused on developing “organ-on-a-chip” technology, closed an $82 million Series E round on Tuesday. This latest round is intended to formulate a massive investment in a “roadmap” for developing model organ systems created to fit drug maker...continued
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39b1531710d6d8cc8cd7a9a0bb2d9867 Ryleigh @Ryleigh - 20 days ago
Apple delays plans to roll out CSAM detection in iOS 15
Apple delays plans to roll out CSAM detection in iOS has delayed plans to roll out its child sexual abuse (CSAM) detection technology that it chaotically announced last month, citing feedback from customers and policy groups.That feedback, if you recall, has been largely...continued
Icloud pattern with key red
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1d1026de1d2967fcd33acc203dba000f Surahi Khlas @surahikhlas - 20 days ago
Dua For Love Marriage For a Loved One
Sometimes the person you have a crush upon doesn’t know about it. But, when you recite dua for marriage with a loved one, it creates mutual feelings in that person and he/ she themselves confess their love to you. The dua for marriage with a loved one will also help you w...continued
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