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A6c0c46e61817f7ae594dd513e06b21d Elliott @Elliott - 2 days ago

Einride demonstrates a single operator controlling multiple of its driverless cargo vehicles

Autonomous electric transportation startup Einride has taken a key step in its mission to deploy autonomous cargo pods on roads for commercial operations. The Swedish startup demonstrated its technology in use with one person remotely operating two pods at once, which is ...continued
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7bcb1d07c0ef7a8d3ef21a145cb66a5c Giovanni @Giovanni - 2 days ago

“A perfect storm for first time managers,” say VCs with their own shops (and who have advice)

Until very recently, it had begun to seem like anyone with a thick enough checkbook and some key contacts in the startup world could not only fund companies as an angel investor but even put himself or herself in business as a fund manager.It helped that the world of vent...continued
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Ac7d6ae4836b778c0e45d9f73deed0cb Delia @Delia - 2 days ago

'Prison workouts,' 'human weights' and 'Rocky IV': NFL players getting creative with workouts

6:40 AM ETNew England Patriots Pro Bowl special teamer Matthew Slater bought exercise equipment online so he could stay in shape now that most gyms, and NFL facilities, are closed during the coronavirus pandemic.The Patriots captain then realized he already had workout ac...continued
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1a4d3a462311ba36d913731c2e16402c Pablo @Pablo - 4 days ago

Madam CJ Walker: 'An inspiration to us all'

Image copyright David Lee/Netflix Image caption Octavia Spencer stars in a new Netflix show about the life of Madam CJ WalkerWhen American journalist A'Lelia Bundles published her first article about her great-great grandmother, Madam CJ Walker in 1982, it was in the "los...continued
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A59a299a48e660a4cad891f05afdefa8 Geovany @Geovany - 4 days ago

Vericool raises $19.1 million for its plant-based packaging replacement for plastic coolers

Vericool, a Livermore, Calif.-based startup that’s replacing plastic coolers and packaging with plant-based products, has raised $19.1 million in a new round of financing.The company’s stated goal is to replace traditional packaging materials like polystyrene with plant-b...continued
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Dd00644dc8212e2e9fd2e6ce7a756bbf Jerrold @Jerrold - 5 days ago

An EU coalition of techies is backing a “privacy-preserving” standard for COVID-19 contacts tracing

A European coalition of techies and scientists drawn from at least eight countries, and led by Germany’s Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute for telecoms (HHI), is working on contacts-tracing proximity technology for COVID-19 that’s designed to comply with the region’s st...continued
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C83c832ac4865208bba7331dd2976162 Izaiah @Izaiah - 6 days ago

Hugely popular influencer marketing platform Heartbeat expands to TikTok

Heartbeat, an influencer marketing platform, just announced they're expanding to TikTok.In addition to Instagram, Heartbeat's brand partners can now choose TikTok in upcoming social media marketing campaigns. "After four years in business, we’ve been one of the most adapt...continued
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B2ab4609b89b7e7c7408477bb01daf27 Jimmy @Jimmy - 6 days ago

Using Seamless while on coronavirus lockdown? Here's how to do it without hurting local business.

As in many cities, every business except those deemed essential has closed in New York City amid the coronavirus pandemic.While you can’t sit down at a restaurant, eateries can, thankfully, still offer takeout. It makes sense in New York especially, where some of us live ...continued
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Eb0f1753654cff1630386503eeba7c5d Bobby @Bobby - 8 days ago

Coronavirus: LA county gun shops to reopen as 'essential' business

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Customers queue outside a LA county gun shopLos Angeles County is reopening gun shops to the public after a federal memo listed them as "essential" businesses.Sheriff Alex Villanueva closed shops last week, but reversed course on...continued
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Dd00644dc8212e2e9fd2e6ce7a756bbf Jerrold @Jerrold - 8 days ago

How We Will All Solve the Climate Crisis

Not long ago, in more innocent times, I was driving with my three sons back from trying to ski on a mountain that doesn't really have snow anymore, and we were talking about climate change. This was before the pandemic, and before our conversations shifted to discussions ...continued
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B32a14d6694cf7df7a187f69ad01ace5 Patrick @Patrick - 8 days ago

Build Cities for Bikes, Buses, and Feet—Not Cars

The Parisian version of Octavia, it turns out, isn't all he'd hoped. “We screwed this one up,” Tumlin says. “The island is too narrow, so the outside lanes are too wide.” Traffic pours off the still extant part of the old freeway toward the park, and some cars use the out...continued
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61d3ff630fa6a556085f59f9ba20938e Assunta @Assunta - 8 days ago

The Cargo Industry’s Quest to Curb Carbon-Belching Ships

Stefan eefting is, as he puts it, “a long-lasting guy” in the shipping industry. He started as an apprentice engineer in a German shipyard in 1984, and now he's a senior vice president at MAN Energy Solutions, a firm whose engines power every second vessel on the deep sea...continued
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61d3ff630fa6a556085f59f9ba20938e Assunta @Assunta - 8 days ago

How to value a startup in a downturn

The value of technology companies has fallen as the broader public markets have repriced themselves in light of COVID-19-related market and economic disruptions.And as the public markets sort out the new value of a huge piece of global business, private companies are bein...continued
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Aafc872a384e36f0c748991d0e7580c6 Minnie @Minnie - 8 days ago

Rob Mendez ready to make his next move

7:00 AM ETAfter winning the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance at The 2019 ESPYS, Rob Mendez, the high school football coach who was born without arms and legs, found his life transformed in a way he never could have imagined.But there he was at the Green Bay Packers' indoor ...continued
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76cef6f73945104b91bf5d96ec4a3ce2 Rowan @Rowan - 9 days ago

The Wolf

CONTENT WARNING: show warningsThis page contains: No content warningsThe plumber says well it can’tbe a wolf that I hear howling at night,we don’t get wolves around here. Around here, we don’t get wolvesslinking past our windowpanes or leavingpawprints in the mud...continued
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0dc07c0d4e39afa6eb19dda76eb11879 Kristina @Kristina - 11 days ago

3 critical App Store Optimization mistakes you’re overlooking

Wrong Priorities in ASOASO is getting more and more complex, unexpected and multidimensional. This has made prioritization painfully difficult for marketers. You have to manage graphic assets and do creative optimization, while taking care of the wording and paraphrasing ...continued
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041490c94bd26a3efdf85d49d9b013ba Alexie @Alexie - 12 days ago

Apple fined record $1.2B in France over anti-competitive sales practices

The wheels of the regulatory machine continue to turn, and today Apple, along with two of its wholesale partners, was dealt a major blow in France over antitrust violations. It received the largest fine ever leveled against a business over anti-competitive practices and “...continued
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Ac7d6ae4836b778c0e45d9f73deed0cb Delia @Delia - 13 days ago

Graham to critics of Bears' move: 'I'm still fast'

6:50 PM ETCHICAGO -- The Bears' decision to sign veteran tight end Jimmy Graham to a two-year contract that included $9 million guaranteed and a no-trade clause -- on the heels of him being released by division rival Green Bay -- was arguably the most universally panned m...continued
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Eac8a1ccc60323b8c8f2660965836fef Immanuel @Immanuel - 14 days ago

Now Is the Time to Partner With Your Customers

Peer marketing in this climate of global disruption.March 25, 2020 5 min readOpinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.Essentially overnight, a huge proportion of the advertising industry’s inventory has simply evaporated. Like a solar eclipse, COVID-1...continued
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C8fdc7c246b9dd38f4ef160727d6eec5 Monserrat @Monserrat - 15 days ago

Clean your bike chain instantly with this tiny green disk — Future Blink

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B9fae85d63d3cf084c4f15cdbd0ccaba Giles @Giles - 16 days ago

Marketing Dos and Don'ts During a Crisis

Think short-, medium- and long-term, and know what you should and shouldn't be changing.March 24, 2020 5 min readOpinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.These are extremely difficult times, and making it more difficult is that these are uncharted wat...continued
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8bc9d6e15b3458e41c925e171d8de6d8 Jany @Jany - 16 days ago

Yelp and GoFundMe team up to promote local business fundraisers

Following the announcement that it’s committing $25 million in waived fees and free services to support local businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Yelp announced a new effort this morning: a partnership with GoFundMe that will bring Donate buttons to businesses’ ...continued
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B2ab4609b89b7e7c7408477bb01daf27 Jimmy @Jimmy - 16 days ago

Computex delayed until late-September over continued COVID-19 concerns

Scheduled for early June in Taipei, Computex has been one of the world’s largest technology trade shows for decades now. It was also among the last big hold outs as events all over the world have been canceled or postponed over the growing COVID-19 pandemic.Earlier this w...continued
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13026bc1164d1ff880b91138506d70e7 Ismael @Ismael - 16 days ago

Is Technology Artificially Engineering Panic?

In recent years, we’ve seen unprecedented levels of public panic in response to a variety of events, including natural disasters, pandemics, and even basic social concerns. When news breaks of some new threat or danger, people react very strongly—sometimes limited to aggr...continued
Technology panic
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70753e5e348bf454161ee0bcc63fed8d Juliet @Juliet - 16 days ago

Startups are helping cloud infrastructure customers avoid vendor lock-in

For much of the history of enterprise technology, companies tended to buy from a single vendor because it made managing the entire affair much easier while giving them a “single throat to choke” when something went wrong. On the flip side, it also put customers at the mer...continued
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