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1a332002ed0799e81107ecea9ca72b67 Adam Mac @adammacgt123 - 5 days ago
Weight loss benefits & Meticore
At first we talk about weight loss benefits :1- Lower blood pressure2- Lower levels of triglycerides3- Less risk of heart disease4- Improved mobility and reduced pain5- Better sex and less erectile dysfunction6- Improved mood7- Better sleep8- Higher self-esteem9- Improved...continued
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517b70d8d6fde87cc5b8e754959e4212 Ezequiel @Ezequiel - 6 days ago
He Hired 2 Men to Kidnap His Wife. They Ended Up Drowning.
Schanda Handley was at home with her daughter and a neighbor when two men showed up at the door, dressed in what looked like blue uniforms from an appliance store.They had a carpet steamer and asked Ms. Handley if they could demonstrate it for her. When she said no, the m...continued
29xp kidnap facebookjumbo
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Ac7d6ae4836b778c0e45d9f73deed0cb Delia @Delia - 6 days ago
Sources: Rodgers signs reworked Packers deal
5:30 PM ETGREEN BAY, Wis. -- It's now in writing that Aaron Rodgers will have a much easier time leaving the Green Bay Packers after this season, if he so chooses.Rodgers on Thursday signed his reworked deal, sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter.Among the concessions in the ...continued
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3917a54ef2e71f0b2d57dd0d63e0f2fb Cameron @Cameron - 7 days ago
5 Tips to Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts
Digital marketing is an ever-growing part of business success. According to Statista, in February 2020, U.S. marketing executives were devoting a whopping 13.2% of their company’s revenue toward marketing budgets. The allotted budget spend was up from an average of 7% to ...continued
Improve your digital marketing efforts
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0a3d7829480267a63997ae3c91bb2ebe Adelia @Adelia - 7 days ago
Pedro Castillo: The primary school teacher who became Peru's president
His victory, by just 44,000 votes, was confirmed after a weeks-long counting process in which authorities reviewed a number of challenges from the Fujimori camp. "The time has come to call on all sectors of society to build together... an inclusive Peru, a fair Peru, a Fr...continued
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F8901f0cff3b25b34627127dbc99fb89 Allene @Allene - 7 days ago
CEO Secrets: The son who hired his father and sister
In 2019, the agency generated sales of over £500,000, more than double its previous year. In 2020 turnover dropped to £350,000 with the impact of the pandemic, but 3 Heads say they are on track to hit £1m in sales this year.Source: BBC NewsPowered by
 119573663 family
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8bc9d6e15b3458e41c925e171d8de6d8 Jany @Jany - 9 days ago
Are Bone Conduction Headphones Worth the Hype?
Would you try a pair of headphones that rests on your cheekbones and sends audio to your ears through your bones? This is possible through a technology called “bone conduction,” and it’s most used in consumer headphones. These products aren’t too expensive and may be a go...continued
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8bc9d6e15b3458e41c925e171d8de6d8 Jany @Jany - 9 days ago
Sweden's Klarna buys influencer marketing platform APPRL - Reuters
A smartphone displays a Klarna logo in this illustration taken January 6, 2020. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File PhotoSTOCKHOLM, July 27 (Reuters) - Swedish payments firm Klarna said on Tuesday it had acquired influencer marketing software firm APPRL as it looked to t...continued
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Ac7d6ae4836b778c0e45d9f73deed0cb Delia @Delia - 10 days ago
Tokyo 2020: Singles Round 2
July 25, 2021 (by Steve Hopkins)The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are just underway and most of the big named players are not yet in action, but preliminary rounds are going on this weekend.  Men’s and Women’s Singles have now progressed into Round 2.On the Men’s side, ...continued
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192059156a7075f96be3d979645bdbcc Zackery @Zackery - 11 days ago
Digital lending platform Blend valued at over $4B in its public debut
Mortgages may not be considered sexy, but they are a big business.If you’ve refinanced or purchased a home digitally lately, you may not have noticed the company powering the software behind it — but there’s a good chance that company is Blend. Founded in 2012, the startu...continued
Blend nyse
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1bd665cfdc2ebddfa4e39c96971aafdf Elian @Elian - 11 days ago
The YouTubers who blew the whistle on an anti-vax plot
"If you don't have any scientific training, you could just say, 'oh, there are these numbers, they are really different. So there must be a link.' But you can make any spurious correlation as you want really," Léo says.Source: BBC NewsPowered by
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7bcb1d07c0ef7a8d3ef21a145cb66a5c Giovanni @Giovanni - 11 days ago
How to Make Your Business Stand Out From the Noise
Free Book Preview: Brand Renegades Discover how two entrepreneurs used unconventional business strategies to turn their startup into a multimillion-dollar 2021 2 min Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you'll find inte...continued
1626970278 ent digitalmarketing
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1a914154cd263fa68f1b8d6529ef63dd Sandrine @Sandrine - 11 days ago
Pegasus: the spyware technology that threatens democracy - video
Pegasus spyware is capable of bypassing your phone's security and gaining complete access to your device – including emails, messages, GPS location, photos, video and your phone's microphone. A Guardian investigation can now reveal widespread abuse of the Pegasus technolo...continued
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Ac7d6ae4836b778c0e45d9f73deed0cb Delia @Delia - 11 days ago
The Didi clampdown marks a sea change in the politics of global investment
For Beijing ‘data security’ now trumps the old desire to have its tech firms seen as global championsIt’s tech, it’s Chinese and it looks a bit like Uber, so it must be hugely valuable. That, we must assume, was the analysis of those US investors who piled in…
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Fca921414f9ed6ac11a0f9db0f15d37e J @Jama - 12 days ago
Weight Loss Tips
Here are 10 tips for helping to lose weight by using healthier meals and 10 tips for helping when you are eating out. 10 Tips for a better healthier meal When it comes to cooking a meal for the family, don't let your diet take a back seat. Just because you're on a diet an...continued
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Ac7d6ae4836b778c0e45d9f73deed0cb Delia @Delia - 13 days ago
Revolutionary Cut Short | History Today
Amílcar Cabral was one of the most important revolutionaries of the 20th century. Leading the independence war against Portuguese colonialism in Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde, Cabral became a global figure in anticolonialism. Supported by Fidel Castro, he led the most succ...continued
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C32976707dcb28036c1f4ea777f1875b Kraig @Kraig - 14 days ago
Tailor Brands raises $50M, aims to be one-stop shop for small businesses to launch
Tailor Brands raises $50M, aims to be one-stop shop for small businesses to Brands, a startup that automates parts of the branding and marketing process for small businesses, announced Thursday it has raised $50 million in Series C funding.GoDaddy led the round as a stra...continued
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B32a14d6694cf7df7a187f69ad01ace5 Patrick @Patrick - 15 days ago
Sololearn raises $24M for its bite-sized, Duolingo-like mobile-first coding education app
Coding is not just for engineers and computer programmers anymore: The pace of technology and its growing ubiquity mean that even nontech roles will require workers to have some degree of knowledge to do their jobs in the future. Today a company called Sololearn — which h...continued
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1a914154cd263fa68f1b8d6529ef63dd Sandrine @Sandrine - 16 days ago
Directed marketing
If those ten people were aware of what you do, trusted you and were enrolled in the journey of change you seek to make…They might each encourage ten people to join in.And that group of 100 people might be able and willing to help you improve your work, or to introduce you...continued
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F8901f0cff3b25b34627127dbc99fb89 Allene @Allene - 16 days ago
The Essentials of an Effective Press Release Media Strategy
July 20, 2021 6 min Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their is a noisy digital world out there, but there are many ways to stand out — an often overlooked one press coverage. Your brand might well be a compelling news sto...continued
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1a4d3a462311ba36d913731c2e16402c Pablo @Pablo - 16 days ago
Stellantis picks Alexa Automotive's Curic as its technology boss - Reuters
A Stellantis sign is seen outside the company's headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, U.S., June 10, 2021. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook/File PhotoMILAN, July 20 (Reuters) - Carmaker Stellantis (STLA.MI) said on Tuesday that Amazon Alexa Automotive's (AMZN.O) Ned Curic would bec...continued
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34392094b518c79e322481ceb0004cbf Colin @Colin - 16 days ago
Square launches business bank accounts
One step at a time, Square is creating a new bank from scratch. Today, the company is launching a new product called Square Banking that combines a checking account, savings accounts, debit cards and loans under a single roof. With Square Banking, the company wants to con...continued
Square banking
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9b25e3cdd7708c288912746ec95d7c9b Liliane @Liliane - 17 days ago
Can facial analysis technology create a child-safe internet?
Suppose you pulled out your phone this morning to post a pic to your favourite social network – let’s call it Twinstabooktok – and were asked for a selfie before you could log on. The picture you submitted wouldn’t be sent anywhere, the service assured you: instead, it wo...continued
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C8fdc7c246b9dd38f4ef160727d6eec5 Monserrat @Monserrat - 17 days ago
Zoom acquires an AI company building real-time translation
Zoom has announced that it’s acquiring a company known as Kites (short for Karlsruhe Information Technology Solutions), which has worked on creating real-time translation and transcription software. Zoom says the acquisition is a move to help it make communicating with pe...continued
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A59a299a48e660a4cad891f05afdefa8 Geovany @Geovany - 17 days ago
Sir Martin Sorrell’s S4 Capital reports ‘post-pandemic rebound’ in economy
Sir Martin Sorrell’s advertising and marketing company, S4 Capital, has reported booming business amid what it described as a “post-pandemic rebound” in the global economy, as it prepares for expansion.S4 said like-for-like gross profits and revenues were both at levels “...continued
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