PROLOGUE – The Very Best Place To Start - 3 minutes read

There seems to be a universal desire to believe there is a God. So, let’s begin with the premise that there was and is a God Being. Without trying to cause offense, we will refer to God with a masculine pronoun because that is how people generally view (Him).

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If God is truly a loving and compassionate entity, His desire would be for everything that came from Him to be fully what He is. That all that encompassed His nature would encompass the nature of everything that came from Him. He would want to give the fullness of Himself to everything that flowed from Him. He would have no desire to create something less, inferior, or something that would feel indebted to Him, something that would require paying Him undying gratitude and worship. If this is the desire of mortal entities, could it be less of God?

When He gave himself completely to everything that would flow from Him then they would be in every way like Him, equal to Him, fully what He Is. Once that has occurred then everything would be God, everything would be like God, the fullness of God. And that would be THE ONE ETERNAL REALITY.

For those who choose to believe God to be the originating Being, once that entity has given Himself completely to that which comes from Him, then He no longer can be differentiated from that which came from Him. And He would want those entities to always have a growing expanded eternal reality, not something that would last for a time then stop, but something that would continue to expand and progress endlessly – IMMORTALITY.

If your understanding of God is that He is a truly, loving, kind, giving Being, you would realize that the entities that come from Him would be that same reality and therefore there would be no separate reality known as God, no SUPREME Being. And everything that came from Him would desire innately to walk in the fullness of love and liberty and unity and vision and value. Everything would be just as unique and essential as God.

So, as we speak of the One Eternal Reality at efrnz, we are simply speaking of that which exists. Whether or not the Reality started from “a God” is no longer relevant.

We invite you to do your own examination of the potential of God. Ask yourself what type of entity that would be. Put away what others have taught and decide for yourself. Exercise your own moral authority if you believe you have that right.

Do you think God would create beings to serve Him and worship Him? Would He punish them for not measuring up to His standard? Would He require a human sacrifice to cover their mistakes in learning how to exercise their moral authority? Would He make them feel disgrace and shame for what sex they were, male or female, or what race they were? Would He have favorites? Would He choose one culture to share a secret understanding of Himself with and then require them to convert the rest?

We believe you have the moral authority to seriously consider this matter and decide for YOURSELF.