Watch experts discuss the future of construction at TC: Sessions Robotics+AI - 2 minutes read

Watch experts discuss the future of construction at TC Sessions

The next big thing in robotics and automation just might be construction. Technology has already revolutionized manufacturing and logistics, and now a number of well-funded startups are looking to do the same to the construction industry. This March at TC Sessions: Robotics+AI, we’ll be bringing together a trio of companies that have the industry and investors buzzing.

Noah Campbell-Ready is the founder and CEO of Built Robotics, a startup that has developed a heavy-duty autonomous bulldozer. The system has already been piloted for 7,500 hours, with a perfect safety record. The company raised a $33 million Series B in September, bringing its total up to $48 million.

Tessa Lau is the CEO and founder of Dusty Robotics, a Bay Area-based startup that has developed a robot designed to help automate building layouts at construction sites. The robot is capable of bringing plans to life with extreme accuracy. Dusty raised a $5 million seed round last month.

Toggle CEO Daniel Blank will be rounding out the panel. A new kid on the block, the Brooklyn-based company raised a $3 million seed round in October for robots to fabricate and assemble rebar.

The companies will be joining us onstage at UC Berkeley on March 3 for TC Sessions: Robotics+AI to discuss how robotics and automation will help transform construction sites of the future.

Source: TechCrunch

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