How to make your brand's Instagram thrive — and actually make money - 2 minutes read

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One billion people use Instagram every month. ONE BILLION. And two hundred million of those users visit at least one business profile daily. That's quite the audience for your brand. So, maybe you should start putting more time and thought into your Instagram strategy?

There's a huge difference between posting pictures leisurely and strategically planning out every post, caption, and idea. By learning the tricks of the trade, you can transform your brand's profile into a money-making machine, and this Essential Instagram Brand Marketing Bundle can help guide you there.

With four courses and over 50 lessons, this training bundle will walk you through mastering the elusive algorithm, Instagram best practices, growing your audience, photo editing, and more tips and tricks for monetizing and building your presence. Each course is taught by a well-known influencer, including Elise Swopes, Morgan Sutton, Pei Ketron, and Sue Zimmerman, and focuses on one major aspect of the app. In other words, this bundle's got more influencers than a red carpet.

Swopes' course will show you the best ways to work with your iPhone for personal and professional success. It covers scouting for locations, editing techniques, and photo organization, among other things. Zimmerman's course will show you how to hack Instagram's algorithm and grow your presence with consistency and hashtags. You'll learn how to stand out from the crowd and maximize your impact in Ketron's course. And finally, Sutton will help you create effective and engaging ads. This will all make a lot more sense as you laugh and nod your way through the coursework, we promise.

Worth $136, this Instagram Brand Marketing training is on sale for just $19.99. Take it. Learn something. And then (hopefully) earn that money back — and then some.

Source: Mashable

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