Discover How a Simple ‘3 Second Sunrise Ritual’ Helped Me To Lose 47 Pounds and Changed Our Lives - 5 minutes read

Hey, Betley and Andrew Here and We Want to Share Our Story…

…one that has led us to the long-standing and authentic health that we now enjoy. If the journey we went through taught us something, it’s that the true cause of our excess weight really had nothing to do with trying to starve ourselves, crash diets, or bidding our favorite foods farewell. 🍲

I met Andrew, my husband, during our first year in college and our shared passion for trying out new meals is what brought us together.

I can’t remember how many trips and tours we went on in order to taste the local dishes of our destinations.

Despite the staggering number of calories, we would put on during our heyday, we were always able to burn them off.

It was a blessing for two travelers like us who love to eat!

Fast forward to 2020. We are now in our fifties and our gastronomic adventures no longer excite us as they used to.

It has become bland, boring, and even threatening because our bodies could no longer keep up.

We went from pasta dipped in sauce with fat and juicy slices of meat to dull lettuce and flavorless, lean food that almost had the taste of cardboard.

And to add to this, we weren’t the most active people. We never liked sports and exercise, so going to the gym didn’t suit us, and no matter how hard we worked at it—it simply wasn’t for us.

And you know what the worst part is? We were always gaining weight.

It was quite the feat for “foodies” like us to control our cravings. We felt as if we were trapped by our impulses and desires and fell short of our responsibilities. This affected our health and ultimately, our relationship.

That nightmare quickly became a dream like any other when a long-time friend introduced me to Matt Stirling, a 47-year-old Fitness Expert. Matt is not a scientist, a doctor, or even an Oxford University researcher. Nope, he’s just your average guy with a Son and a wife…from whom he was nearly separated from because of a health scare.

Matt Stirling told us about a 3-second ‘sunrise routine’ that he does every morning before breakfast, which triggers his metabolism and raises his core body temperature. Because…


The more our core body temperature is low, the slower our metabolism becomes.

He also mentioned the fact that he, his wife, and many thousands of others, including us, were going through a cycle that is and always has been ineffective.

He pointed out what we were doing all along and explained our shortcomings.

Many people believe they will be able to lose weight and then return to their lifestyle afterward, but they end up back to square one, or worse.

They need a PRACTICAL and SUSTAINABLE solution that is easy to maintain so they finally enjoy the life they wanted to live, without any remorse, without starving themselves or making unnecessary sacrifices.

With all the research we undertook, trial and error, several hours talking to specialists looking if they could help, we found out that they discovered a routine that completely overturns your metabolism and provides lasting results.

The Metabolism Triggering 1-Minute Sunrise Routine

Are You Prepared to Take Back Your Health?

If that is the case, write down the STEP 1 RECIPE at the bottom and click below to get to STEP 2. It’s become a long-term habit for us, and it has simply changed our lives.

PLEASE NOTE: The first step is NOT required, but we have personally seen better results by incorporating it into our routine with the second step.

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3–4 slices of lemon (preferably organic)

3 slices of fresh ginger root (1/4″ slices peeled)

1/8 tsp. of ground turmeric

Cayenne Pepper (optional)

2 tsp. of honey (optional)

8 oz of purified water

Tip: We usually make a batch of 3-4x the ingredients above and store it in the refrigerator. Afterward we’ll either heat it up or drink it cooled throughout the day.


1. Prepare the lemons and ginger

2. Boil the water in a pot

3. Add sliced lemons and boil for about 3 minutes

4. Turn off the heat and add pepper, ginger and turmeric

5. Let it steep for half an hour

6. Strain it and drink lukewarm or heat it up (but don’t bring it to a boil)

7. Use honey for added sweetness

You may enjoy it with fresh mint (also optional) alongside Step 2.

Now since we’ve dropped the pounds…

To say it was life-changing is an understatement.😍

We’ve been able to:

  • Sleep a solid 7-8 hours almost nightly
  • Control our hunger & cravings
  • Restore our energy and vitality
  • Reduce our inflammation issues
  • Say goodbye to grueling amounts of exercise
  • ​Eat Most of what we want (very important for foodies like us, lol)

Nowadays, our food tours have come back to life (recently in Turks and Caicos… one item on our bucket list where we went to renew our vows❤️).

Andrew and I can now eat the tastiest high-calorie meals, with delicious snacks in-between, without having to worry a thing. Num num num. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we’re devouring donuts and french fries every day. We still eat healthily, but we don’t start counting calories – and most importantly we do NOT try to deprive ourselves of most of our favorite meals and treats that we eat a few times here and there.

Here’s the thing – we’d really be hypocrites to say we weren’t doubtful at first glance too, but when we did see the results, we became immediate believers.

If you want to see if it works for you, scroll back to the top and take the survey, or you can skip the survey and click the link below to go directly to STEP 2.

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