Why did I start taking the Sabbath Seriously? - 2 minutes read

Many women fall into the trap of self-criticism, even feeling ashamed for simply taking a break. We strive to be seen as capable, productive, and resourceful — all admirable qualities. But what happens when this desire morphs into a fear?

The fear of being perceived as lazy can become a powerful motivator, pushing us to constantly project an image of relentless work ethic. This applies everywhere: at work, in social settings, and even within the confines of our own homes.
The constant concern with perception can lead to neglecting our need for rest. We push ourselves to the point of exhaustion, fearing even a moment of pause might be misconstrued as laziness.

Sabbath and that’s one thing that I’d like to point out to you today

especially. if you are a woman and you just feel burnt out God designed the Sabbath not just for women please women and men we are to observe a Sabbath day of rest and this is not about religion this is not about

being a Seventh Day.

Adventist or whatever is just about setting aside a day to rest doing your work on other days and taking out time to rest because being busy is a trap it’s a striving for the grieved and at the end of the day you don’t even get to do what God wants you to do. If you’re told you do it angrily you don’t do it well that doesn’t honor. God that doesn’t please God he cares for us and he cares about our well-being both physical and mental and spiritual and psychological. So when you go ahead and you take a Sabbath day of rest one you tell God that you are obeying him.