I'm Debbie, a young wife, mom, and businesswoman, but my worth is not in titles - it's in being loved and saved by Jesus. I make videos on faith, femininity, and family and I share everything He places on my heart to share on these topics and beyond.✨
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The Bible's Call: Doing Everything as Unto the Lord
Discover the profound principle of living life with purpose and dedication according to the Bible's teaching: "Do everything as unto the Lord." Explore how this timeless guidance can transform daily tasks, work, relationships, and personal growth into acts of worship and ...continued
Ufound class
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In the Footsteps of Christ: Understanding the Essence and Influence of Jesus' Prayer
Jesus prayer is a profound reflection of his relationship with God and his mission on Earth. The Lord's Prayer, his most famous, encapsulates themes of reverence, humility, and dependence on divine provision and forgiveness. It begins with acknowledging God's holiness and...continued
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Pathway to Eternal Communion: The Transformative Power of Faith
In the luminous words of Jesus, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me," we find a profound beacon of hope and guidance. This is how I recharge my soul, shimmering with divine promise, offers a pathway through the labyrinth ...continued
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Why did I start taking the Sabbath Seriously?
Many women fall into the trap of self-criticism, even feeling ashamed for simply taking a break. We strive to be seen as capable, productive, and resourceful — all admirable qualities. But what happens when this desire morphs into a fear?The fear of being perceived as laz...continued
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