Living as an IMMORTAL: A Not-So-New Epidemic - 3 minutes read

There is a lot happening on our planet today. And many are wondering what is going on and what will happen next. One major problem goes mostly unnoticed, until you notice it and then you realize it is an A Not So New Epidemic, a plague that rivals the Bubonic, Black Plague. Only this infection is carried by an institution, Religion.

Few are aware that Christianity and most every other religion is immersed in some form of secret affiliation with Voodoo, sorcery or any number of tricks, spells or magic to keep their members in bondage. While this appears to make the religions have “god-power” to attract the attention of seekers and to keep their membership under their control, the real “power” they exert over people is two-fold – Fear and Disgrace.

I won’t go guns blazing on the pedophilic Roman Catholic Church or the degrading caste system of Hinduism or the misogyny of Islam, though I’m tempted, I will stick to the root that no doubt has affected everyone who is reading this.By the way, what could be said about these three religions can be said of all the rest.

The term I use for this crippling plague is “Religious Trauma”. And as I have said, the conceptual manipulation of the brains of the unsuspecting and trusting members lies in disgrace that destroys one’s self-worth or fear of being doomed to a horrific “afterlife”. 

Almost every Conscious Being born into the mortal realm is groomed from birth to trust the religion of their culture to be brainwashed. It starts with families who themselves were subjected to the same lies. You may find the definition of “family” from the etymology dictionary interesting. It refers to the “servants of a household collectively, including family servants, and domestic servants”. How does “servant” find its way into the definition of family?

The real difference between death by bacteria spread by fleas and slavery to disgrace and fear is that Black Death is now detectable and treatable while disgrace and shame or fear of suffering eternally from conceptual manipulation is insidiously concealed through collective consciousness. How could you possibly accuse religion for the trauma gripping every part of your being? If everyone else trust religion, who am I to sound the alarm? But unlike a flea, religion infects the brain, our thoughts and beliefs. And the brain is where everything is processed and stored and communicated to the rest of the organs in our bodies through the central nervous system. Religious Trauma is not simply psychological, but it poisons every cell of our bodies. So why are people willing to stay in the crippling bondage of fear and shame?

My purpose is to help individuals awaken to their true identity and claim their present health and their future, not earn it through obedience to thepower-hungry institutions of religion whose only desire is to control their members. I invite you to journey with me to claim your rights, the innate rights of every Conscious Being. 

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