How to Develop Your Personal Brand Like a Marketing Professional - 2 minutes read

How to Develop Your Personal Brand Like a Marketing Professional

Creating a successful personal brand is doable, especially if you have a dedicated process in place.

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Eric Siu discusses how to grow your personal brand so that you become known for it and encounter success. 

In order to grow a personal brand, Siu stresses the power of batching together content, particularly your podcast output. If you're able to streamline the creation of your podcast, you free up extra time resources. Siu uses his extra bandwidth to develop his other projects, strategize long-term and work on recruitment.

Siu talks about the importance of utilizing multiple platforms to release podcast and blog content onto. Even better, if you're able to have someone at your side looking to capture your daily output of content, you will be able to break this footage into several segments this footage. Think about the number of podcasts and videos that may come from a constant deluge of content. 

Watch the video to hear more. 

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