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Increase landing page conversions og

When implemented and properly optimised, landing pages may yield high prospect and customer conversion rates, resulting in more inbound leads for your company. Landing pages are a relatively straightforward and affordable type of prospect or customer engagement.

Simplicity is the secret to successful, high-performance landing pages. Less is more, and since the graphic design, text, and visual content of landing pages must be kept to a minimum to be effective, all components must be assembled with conversion as their single goal.

Following are our top six recommendations for improving your landing page's conversion rate performance (CRO) in light of this:

Drive relevant traffic

Verify that the advertisement or search result listing you are utilising to attract visitors is pertinent to the information on the page. This seems straightforward, and it is, but it's also essential for increasing visitor involvement. Use the demographic or behavioural targeting capabilities of your marketing platform to serve dynamic content that is tailored to the visitor in order to boost relevance.

Remove the clutter

Take a look at the page's key components and remove anything extra, including the navigation. Once you've done that, repeat the process until you've actually reduced the page to its essential components. Less content on the website will make it clearer to visitors what you are asking them to do, so encouraging them to do the desired action.


Search optimise your page

While it's acceptable if you rely on PPC search marketing, social networking, and/or banner ads to get people to your page, it doesn't mean you should downplay the significance of SEO. An "organic" result is more likely to be clicked by users than a paid result, therefore optimising your landing page will help you increase the amount of organic traffic to your page. As was already mentioned, visitors are more likely to convert if the optimised content makes the page more relevant to the searcher. To improve your landing page's organic exposure, make sure you at least address the fundamentals of SEO: using keywords in the headlines, having a sound page layout, and using high-quality supporting information.

Call-to-action: it’s not just about button colours

We won't spend too much time on this because there are many articles that discuss the importance of the colour of your call-to-action (CTA) button. However, make sure your call to action is crystal obvious and feel free to test different layouts, including button colours, to determine what works best for your page.

Only ask for what you need to know

If there are fewer fields on a form, visitors are more likely to fill it out, so think carefully about what you want to know and only ask for that. The recipient's email address can be used, but we advise including their name, email address, and another vital piece of information that is pertinent to your company. For instance, knowing the visitor's company name might be helpful if you were marketing B2B. You can ask for additional relevant info at subsequent touch points to create a more complete picture of the lead without having more fields per form if your marketing automation platform enables progressive profiling. If you are concerned that this will limit your data insights, don't be.

Security, privacy and reputation

You'll probably ask visitors for their contact information in exchange for important downloads of your content. It is crucial to make sure that your site is secure and that this is clear to visitors in a world where significant data breaches occur about once per week. To give users the impression that their data will be handled responsibly, make sure it is obvious what you plan to do with the information they enter and that the site appears to be well-established. Visitors will recognise your legitimacy more immediately if you display certification markers, such as ISO 27001 or the SSL certificate symbol, and an understandable privacy statement.


Many inbound marketing campaigns rely on landing pages as the destination for many digital touchpoints; whether visitors are driven there via email, search, social or display banners, the landing page is likely the first point at which a new lead engages with your brand in a meaningful way.

Industry research says that landing page conversion rates are somewhere between 2-5%, although we’ve seen 9-10% for some of our campaigns. It all depends on your audience, your offer and how you convey that offer. If you get your offer across in a simple way to the right people and capture their attention, that’s the first step to a potentially valuable relationship.


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