How do I speak with someone at Outlook? - 2 minutes read

Speaking with live customer service executive at Outlook 

The email service Outlook, previously known as Hotmail, is one of the fastest-growing service providers in its domain. From sending emails to having group conversations and calls, it is an all-in-one package for professionals and students. With more than 400 million users around the world, it has become a household name. But technology is an artificial creation that is no match for human intelligence. Hence, when there is an error in its functioning, or when one is going through a malfunction, you need support from a human. Hence, connecting with Outlook customer service at becomes a necessity.

How do I speak with someone at Outlook?

In order to use the support service at Microsoft, you would need to log into your account. Some contact services are only for product users, such as having a live conversation with the customer service team. Hence, once logged in:

  • Visit the official Outlook webpage. 
  • Select the help option to visit the help desk page. 
  • Open the contact option. 
  • The new page will ask you to describe your problem in a few lines, you can either select that to get a response later on, or you can tap the ‘connect with a live executive’ link. Remember that this link will only be available for users who have logged into their accounts. 
  • You would have to select the category of your query and then subcategory if applicable. 

Afterward, the website will find a free customer service agent and connect you with one. You can also ask the executive to give you a voice call. This service is available 24/7, so you don’t need to look out for any working hours.