Stay At A Healthy Weight After Losing Weight + Free Weight Loss Webinar - 4 minutes read

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Have you lost a few kilos ,and are you now at your target weight? Congratulations! Now a challenging phase begins: maintaining a healthy weight.

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You do this by continuing to eat healthily, exercising a lot, and keeping an eye on your weight.

A new balance after weight loss

Healthy eating and sufficient exercise remain important. When you have reached your target weight, you look for a new balance that will keep your weight stable. That means you can eat a little more than you did while losing weight. How much that is will vary per person. Keep a close eye on your weight. Staying at your target weight means you've found the right balance.

Eat less than before for weight loss

You will have to eat less than before you started losing weight. A slimmer body needs fewer calories. For example, it costs your body less energy to stay warm or to get moving. If you are at your target weight, your body needs less food to stay in balance. Below you can read how you stay balanced.

Watch yourself

Try to keep track of your weight, your nutrition, and your exercise regularly.


Weighing is the way to check whether your weight remains good. It is enough to step on the scale once a week. Always weigh yourself at the same time of day wearing as little clothing as possible. Or weigh yourself in more or less the same clothes. If your weight increases, it is important to look for balance again. Then try to eat healthier and less and keep moving.

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Food and exercise diary

Regularly keeping track of your diet and exercise also provides insight: to what extent are you succeeding in maintaining your new lifestyle and are there any areas for improvement? This does not have to be done every day, but try to keep track of this once a month, for example. You can keep track of your weight, nutrition, and exercise via My Nutrition Center or the Mijn Eetmeter app.

Move a lot

People who exercise a lot after losing weight can maintain their new weight more easily. Therefore, keep moving for at least 60 minutes a day. This is more than the standard exercise recommendation.

Don't just think about sports activities, but also see how you can increase your movement in your daily routine. Do you want specific tips? Then take a look at the page about exercising and losing weight. These tips also apply to maintain weight.

Healthy food

Paying attention to what you eat and especially how much you eat remains important. Keep choosing products from the Wheel of Five. See how much and what you can take in The Wheel of Five for you:

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Keeping weight becomes easier

Maintaining your weight after you lose weight is a challenge. It can be difficult not to fall back into your old eating and exercise habits. The longer you maintain your new lifestyle and body weight, the easier it becomes. Try to ensure regularity and routine in both your exercise and diet.

Set goals

In addition, set goals for yourself to maintain your new weight and new lifestyle. For example: “I go for a 30-minute run before dinner on Tuesday night and Thursday night”. Read more tips to formulate your resolutions in such a way that you can stick to them more easily.


Finally, make sure you maintain the social support you received while you were losing weight. After all, it is easier to continue working on a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight together than alone. The same tips apply here for losing weight. And don't forget to compliment yourself regularly.