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Natural treatment for tinnitus

You don't need me to tell you that finding a cure for tinnitus can be a very challenging experience mainly because it is so hard to determine why you are hearing these crazy sounds in your head that no-one else can. It is enough to drive anyone up the wall! While finding effective treatment can be challenging, it is not an impossible task and there are some home remedies that may work. So let's get to these 10 ways on how to stop tinnitus using home remedies that you need to try right now!

Stop tinnitus using home remedies

1. Stay positive

While staying positive will not stop tinnitus, it is an important step as you seek relief from tinnitus. Staying positive will keep you trying various methods and not give up hope until you find what works to get rid of your tinnitus.

Being negative will not be productive at all and will only lead you to becoming angry, depressed, isolating yourself, developing addictions to drugs or alcohol, becoming suicidal and every negative emotion and behavior out there. It will be hard. You will want to give up but don't let tinnitus rob you of your life. There is a solution for every problem. You just need to do the work to find it and staying positive will help you get up every morning and continue fighting.

Another benefit of staying positive is that it will help with stress. Many people with tinnitus report that when they are stressed, tinnitus symptoms are much worse and once stress is reduced or eliminated, the symptoms aren't as bothersome.

2. Ginkgo biloba

When researching how to stop tinnitus using home remedies, this ancient Chinese herb is most commonly brought up and while there is no guarantee that it will help you, it is worth a try.

There have been a few studies that have shown that this herb may be able to help tinnitus sufferers so it may be worth your while to give it a shot. Best of all is that it is inexpensive. Try to combine it with zinc (about 50mg) as a few studies indicated that taking ginkgo produced better results when combined with zinc.

The reason that this herb is thought to be beneficial for some tinnitus sufferers is because some studies have shown that it can help improve circulation in the body. Some types of tinnitus result from poor circulation so if this is you, ginkgo biloba may be able to help improve circulation in your body as well as the blood circulation in your ears.

3. Melatonin

One of the many complications of dealing with tinnitus is that it can interrupt sleep patterns. You may either have trouble going to sleep at night or be unable to sleep enough which means that you will be tired and grumpy the next day which only ends up worsening your tinnitus symptoms.

Melatonin is a hormone that is made in the brain as a response to darkness and is important for regulating sleep and wake patterns as well as the other benefits that result from enjoying enough restful sleep.

Melatonin is commonly recommended to combat insomnia so if you are struggling with insomnia or are only able to sleep a few hours a night, do consider adding a melatonin supplement.

It is natural, inexpensive and not habit forming and it may be able to help improve your sleep patterns. Once you are well rested, tinnitus symptoms may be lessened or not affect you as much as they would when you are tired and grumpy from sleep deprivation.

4. Garlic

Although you may feel otherwise, tinnitus is not considered a disease but rather a symptom of something that is wrong in your body and while you may not be able to pinpoint what this exact issue is, you may be able to address this issue in a roundabout way even if you don't know what the issue is.

One way to get at whatever issue is giving rise to the noises in your ear is to improve your general health and well-being which can be done with diet, exercise, etc. One important food for maintaining overall health and well-being is garlic. If you are not eating garlic on a daily basis, you are missing out on what it can do for you internally.

The effectiveness of garlic is mainly tied to the active ingredient that is found in garlic known as allicin which has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. If your tinnitus is due to an infection, garlic will be able to kick any infection in your ear to the curb!

Garlic also contains many other antioxidants which help to prevent free radical damage to healthy cells. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules which as a way to "heal" themselves, rob healthy cells of certain particles but this only creates more free radical which can increase the risk of developing various diseases and conditions including cancer, heart diseases, etc.

Garlic also contains anti-inflammatory properties which help in the fight against sickness and disease which are commonly the result of excessive inflammation in the body.

Garlic is truly wonderful and should be part of your diet. Fresh garlic is best but you can certainly give garlic oil, garlic supplements a try especially if you are trying to get away from the garlic odor.

Garlic can help treat various diseases and conditions and in addition to improving your general health and well-being which may indirectly get at the root cause of tinnitus, some direct effects for some types of tinnitus include improving blood circulation in the body including that in the ears. Garlic also helps prevent tumor growth so if your tinnitus is caused by tumors in your neck and head, garlic may be able to help and so on and so forth.

5. Horse chestnut

Another of the common recommendations on how to stop tinnitus using home remedies is with this herb although it is usually only recommended for those who are dealing with hearing loss related tinnitus.

Hearing loss is one of the most common causes of tinnitus (once you stop hearing external sounds, internal sounds may become more apparent). A study in Germany found that those who were given this herb reported a significant improvement in hearing. Sometimes improving your hearing is all that you need to get rid of tinnitus.

6. Avoid alcohol, nicotine and coffee

For some tinnitus sufferers, coffee, alcohol and nicotine seem to be the trigger for tinnitus symptoms though the reasons why is still not very well understood so try to cut back or eliminate these and see whether this helps. If it doesn't help, your tinnitus may have a different trigger but it is still good for your health to cut back or eliminate alcohol, nicotine and caffeinated coffee.

7. Ginger

Ginger like garlic is very beneficial for preventing free radical damage and improving general health and well-being which can help to eliminate tinnitus.

The many medicinal and healing properties contained in garlic can also help to improve blood circulation so if your tinnitus is due to poor blood circulation, eating garlic may be able to help. It also contains aspirin like compounds which may be able to reduce any pain that may result from tinnitus.

8. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an amazing oil and has been used in many cultures around the world to promote general health and well-being because it contains various healing and medicinal properties which can help with various diseases and conditions including tinnitus.

9. Noise

This is the most basic suggestion on how to stop tinnitus using home remedies. Very loud noise can cause tinnitus or it can cause the worsening of symptoms so try to avoid being around loud noise including those that are commonly found at home such as blenders, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, power tools, etc, and if you have to be around loud noises, protect yourself using various noise canceling devices.

10. Essential Oils

Essential oils are also beneficial for tinnitus treatment and you should consider employing them if you suffer from tinnitus. Certain essential oils can be used by a tinnitus sufferer to help relax, treat insomnia, put you in a better state of mind, stimulate blood circulation, promote cellular repair and regeneration and so on and so forth.

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