T-Mobile's Free MLB.TV Offer Is Live, But Only For A Week - CNET - 2 minutes read

The MLB season kicks off in earnest on Thursday when all 30 teams will be in action for a league-wide Opening Day. In anticipation of the new season, T-Mobile, a long-running partner of MLB, has opened up its offer of free MLB.TV for its customers on Tuesday. 

The previously announced offer grants T-Mobile users a free subscription to the out-of-market version of MLB.TV, normally $150 for the season. This streaming service lets you watch live, regular-season baseball games that aren't airing in your local city (or on national networks like Fox, ESPN and Apple TV Plus) on a variety of devices ranging from phones, tablets and computers to game consoles and smart TVs through the MLB app. 

Although Opening Day is still to come, the 2024 MLB campaign technically began last week with two games in Seoul, South Korea between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres.

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To get the deal, you'll need to use the T Life app (formerly T-Mobile Tuesdays) and claim the free subscription between March 26 and April 2. T Life is T-Mobile's new all-encompassing app that incorporates its T-Mobile Tuesdays freebies and its new Magenta Status perks as well as a new location to manage services like home internet.

Source: CNET

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