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3830cba028d7333d81fee686fab573c8 Kari @Kari - about 17 hours ago
Mets Bolster Offense With Starling Marte, Eduardo Escobar and Mark Canha
With Starling Marte, Eduardo Escobar and Mark Canha, the run-starved Mets addressed their biggest need while adding some defensive versatility.
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C8fdc7c246b9dd38f4ef160727d6eec5 Monserrat @Monserrat - 5 days ago
How to Clean Up Photos Using the Pixel 6's Magic Eraser
It’s finally here: the feature that I’ve been waiting for since Google introduced it back in 2017 at its Google I/O developer conference. I remember sitting in the crowd at the Shoreline Amphitheater when Sundar Pichai showed off Google Photos’ ability to rem…
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1f7b605070774dac8bb3c859143de9d2 Jeffrey @Jeffrey - 6 days ago
Meet the New Members of This Year's Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot
A great deal of ink will be spilled on the candidacies of Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz. For a moment, stop to consider the 11 other new candidates instead.
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61d3ff630fa6a556085f59f9ba20938e Assunta @Assunta - 7 days ago
Japan floated idea of national honour for MLB's Ohtani, but he declined - Reuters
Japan floated the idea of presenting a prestigious national honour to Shohei Ohtani after the baseball star won one of the top awards in U.S. Major League Baseball - but he declined, saying it was still "too early."
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40e54b9707df84c11f580308a13132cb Hulda @Hulda - 9 days ago
M.L.B. Finalizes Plan to Provide Housing for Minor Leaguers
An advocacy group called the deal a “historic victory,” but noted that there were issues that might need to be addressed.
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Dd00644dc8212e2e9fd2e6ce7a756bbf Jerrold @Jerrold - 12 days ago
In Mexico, an Indigenous Women's Softball Team Breaks Barriers
A Mayan team from a small community on the Yucatán Peninsula has caused a sensation by excelling as its athletes play barefoot and wear traditional dresses, breaking barriers with every game.
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E77c53a55e474cb5ad875ffdba0be8e5 Leda @Leda - 12 days ago
Ed Lucas, Blind Baseball Chronicler, Is Dead at 82
Sightless since 12, he became a baseball columnist and a radio reporter. He had a unique ability to know where a ball was hit by the sound of the crack of the bat.
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39b1531710d6d8cc8cd7a9a0bb2d9867 Ryleigh @Ryleigh - 12 days ago
Cleveland Baseball Will Share ‘Guardians’ Name With Roller Derby Team
The settlement of a federal lawsuit will allow the Major League Baseball franchise to move forward with renaming its team, amid a reckoning over symbols of racism.
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7bcb1d07c0ef7a8d3ef21a145cb66a5c Giovanni @Giovanni - 13 days ago
Minnie Miñoso Gets Another Shot at the Hall of Fame
Minnie Miñoso was a pioneering Black Latino star in the 1950s whose greatness and impact have been overlooked by Hall of Famer voters. That may finally change.
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422f200971248def7ffc1673a54fa3cb Grayce @Grayce - 13 days ago
To Keep Shohei Ohtani Happy, the Angels Have to Win
With Shohei Ohtani issuing what felt like an ultimatum, and Mike Trout’s prime fleeting, Perry Minasian has his work cut out for him to build around his superstars.
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422f200971248def7ffc1673a54fa3cb Grayce @Grayce - 14 days ago
Baseball Japan's MLB star Ohtani 'grateful' for big season despite challenges - Reuters
Japanese two-way standout Shohei Ohtani said on return to his homeland on Monday that despite challenges in the second half of the season, he was grateful for an exceptional year in which he showed off his skills after a spate of injuries.
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C0decc0c6b5bd408c22c456fa130a368 Marie @Marie - 15 days ago
Jerry Remy, Red Sox Player and Longtime Commentator, Dies at 68
An All-Star second baseman, he spent 34 years as a broadcast analyst and was voted the first president of Red Sox Nation by fans.
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A59a299a48e660a4cad891f05afdefa8 Geovany @Geovany - 16 days ago
Giants catcher Posey calls time on his career - Reuters
San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey announced his retirement from Major League Baseball on Thursday after 12 seasons and three World Series championships, saying he had "fulfilled his lifelong dream".
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Cc9f6ece4882994c85a7dc0305a4b841 Marjory @Marjory - 19 days ago
If You Can Make It There, the Mets Would Love to Have Your Number
As the team’s search for a general manager continues, Sandy Alderson said the pressure of New York City has been a factor. “It’s a big stage and some people prefer to be elsewhere.”
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39b1531710d6d8cc8cd7a9a0bb2d9867 Ryleigh @Ryleigh - 21 days ago
World Series: The sports data pioneer who spotted baseball's big fix of 1919
The World Series was rigged. Hugh Fullerton's revolutionary analysis backed it up. But in 1919 his calls were ignored by a game now transformed by data.
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Aafc872a384e36f0c748991d0e7580c6 Minnie @Minnie - 24 days ago
World Series Rings: Everyone Wants them, No One Wears Them
World Series rings are the ultimate goal for many in baseball, but for those who win them practicality can get in the way.
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E5a600388a4be6ed5b515081737d8445 Angus @Angus - 25 days ago
Opinion: The Braves are a miracle, a dream and an embarrassment rolled into one
Tuesday was a moment of contrasts for Major League Baseball regarding political correctness. First, Cleveland's franchise removed the "Indians" scripted logo above its scoreboard at Progressive Field in anticipation of a name change to "Guardians" next season…
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56a34dc91390858efd1999c86a89c348 George @George - 27 days ago
Mets Fire Zack Scott Two Months After His Arrest
Zack Scott was placed on leave on Sept. 1. He had been charged with driving while intoxicated.
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192059156a7075f96be3d979645bdbcc Zackery @Zackery - 28 days ago
Austin Riley's Journey From High School Punter to the World Series
Austin Riley was a quarterback and all-state punter in high school, but baseball was his true love. His breakout season helped power Atlanta’s surge to the World Series.
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725ac8c62bcc32f06195cf20b372a31a Muriel @Muriel - 29 days ago
Universal DH Could Spell End of Hitting PItchers
With baseball veering toward a universal designated hitter, Sunday’s Game 5 of the World Series could be the last time pitchers routinely take turns at the plate.
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3917a54ef2e71f0b2d57dd0d63e0f2fb Cameron @Cameron - 30 days ago
Minnesota man charged with illegally streaming MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA games for profit
Federal authorities have accused a Minnesota man of trying to extort $150,000 from Major League Baseball after hacking into its computer system. Authorities said he also illegally streamed content from MLB, the NHL, the NBA, and the NFL.
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6c170accf2ec5f1d4dbc252c635bb25c Erik @Erik - about 1 month ago
PETA wants to see pitchers warm-up in the arm barn, not bullpen - Reuters
As baseball fans get ready for Game Three of the World Series, PETA has called on Major League Baseball to use the term 'arm barn' instead of 'bullpen', which the animal rights group says mocks "the misery of sensitive animals".
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7094e9deddcf03241ed9894017ba09bc Rose @Rose - about 1 month ago
In photos: The 2021 World Series
The World Series began Tuesday night with the Houston Astros hosting the Atlanta Braves in Game 1 of the Fall Classic.
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Ac7d6ae4836b778c0e45d9f73deed0cb Delia @Delia - about 1 month ago
Baseball, Popular but No Longer Dominant, Seeks to Reclaim Its Cool
Facing a loss of cultural cachet, Major League Baseball is working to build a more diverse audience and exploring ways to liven up the game.
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Abe69d7aacc9c6d89b2d1ff5e9ac6ef4 Hank @Hank - about 1 month ago
How a plane crashed with more than 20 people on board and everyone survived
When a plane carrying baseball fans to a playoff game crashed in Houston Tuesday, one passenger remembered hearing the words "get out, get out" as flames started to engulf the aircraft.
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