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1a914154cd263fa68f1b8d6529ef63dd Sandrine @Sandrine - 8 days ago
'Brutal': The state of RSNs, bankruptcy and what it means for people who can't watch baseball
As Diamond Sports' bankruptcy chaos continues, fans who can't follow their teams on TV are "furious." What's next?
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3830cba028d7333d81fee686fab573c8 Kari @Kari - 4 days ago
What Willie Mays Meant
Adam Gopnik remembers the baseball player Willie Mays, who famously played for the New York Giants.
Gopnik willie mays
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036a71cbab8d3106d8fc0389f9b4ef6f Eleanora @Eleanora - 8 days ago
'There's no Lombardi speech': Texas A&M won Game 1, but there's still plenty baseball left
No. 3 Texas A&M upset No. 1 Tennessee, but the series is far from over.
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Ac7d6ae4836b778c0e45d9f73deed0cb Delia @Delia - about 5 years ago
The Mass Extinction No One Is Talking About
The Mass Extinction No One Is Talking About“Every two weeks, the world loses a language. Out of approximately 7,000 languages spoken on earth today, at least half will have fallen silent by the end of this century,” artist Lena Herzog told an audience at New York’s Museum...continued
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C00261b321f2a17e788496ab5cfcebed Jaydon @Jaydon - 3 days ago
Source: Schlossnagle leaves A&M for Horns' job
Jim Schlossnagle, who guided Texas A&M to the finals of the Men's College World Series, is leaving to become the new baseball coach at Texas, according to reports.
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1a4d3a462311ba36d913731c2e16402c Pablo @Pablo - almost 5 years ago
101 things to love about Oakland
Because loving where you live is just the beginning—it’s about making it better, too.In her 1937 book Everybody’s Autobiography,Gertrude Stein wrote: “What was the use of my having come from Oakland it was not natural to have come from there yes write about if I like or a...continued
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E5a600388a4be6ed5b515081737d8445 Angus @Angus - almost 5 years ago
‘I got lucky, man.’ Dennis Eckersley on surviving his tough times
‘I got lucky, man.’ Dennis Eckersley on surviving his tough timesTwenty-one years have passed since Dennis Eckersley last threw a pitch in a Major League Baseball game. He’s 64 now, and his mustache is gray, but his hair — or as he calls it, his “moss” — is still long, an...continued
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A2a551348d8c100384339e6c21255e06 Abbie @Abbie - over 4 years ago
S'mores, split pants and the smartest man in MLB: 10 Kurkjian tales of the 2010s
S'mores, split pants and the smartest man in MLB -- 10 tales of the 2010sTim Kurkjian explains why the Tampa Bay Rays were his favorite team to cover in the past 10 years and details the story of his favorite moment with an analyst. (1:58)Which pitcher saved his lunch mon...continued
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76cef6f73945104b91bf5d96ec4a3ce2 Rowan @Rowan - almost 5 years ago
Justice Served
Washington MonthlyOn July 16, 2019 retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens passed away. This is a review of his memoir, originally published in 2011.In an age of judicial philosophies, abstract methods of interpretation, and trite baseball metaphors, John Paul Ste...continued
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62b830bbc5092803336a4f6bb9370281 Manley @Manley - almost 5 years ago
10 biggest questions for the MLB trade deadline
10 biggest questions for the trade deadlineThe days of posturing, pretenses, bluffs, deception and even out-and-out lies are about to end.It’s that time of year where every Major League Baseball club’s front office must call and turn over their cards.In or out?And if you ...continued
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F0eeb861062e22bc7a935a0992b58cb8 Ariel @Ariel - over 4 years ago
How The Country's Goofiest Baseball Team Made Millions
How The Country's Goofiest Baseball Team Made MillionsThe Savannah Bananas' Jesse Cole turned an unloved team into the hottest ticket in town. Now he has a lesson for every CEO who wants to turn a company around: Stop doing what people hate.Baseball is a game of tradition...continued
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0cefff9aac729a36835c46e07795e1e7 Mariano @Mariano - about 5 years ago
The 2019 FanGraphs Franchise Player Draft: Picks 1-15
The 2019 FanGraphs Franchise Player Draft: Picks 1-15Yesterday, we released the results of the back half of the 2019 FanGraphs Franchise Player Draft. As a reminder, the idea behind the exercise is simple: throwing out existing contracts, teams, and other real life sundry...continued
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B1adb7ec7ad84fbf0007aae5b870eb61 Alan @Alan - 5 months ago
The Playbook, Inning 8: Advanced stats to use for fantasy baseball
Tristan H. Cockcroft's 9-part Playbook lays out how to go from fantasy baseball novice to expert in one season. Part 8 explains some of the advanced statistics available to the fantasy baseball manager and how to apply them correctly.
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6c170accf2ec5f1d4dbc252c635bb25c Erik @Erik - almost 5 years ago
Chris Stewart on His Catching Career and Hanging up the Spikes
Chris Stewart on His Catching Career and Hanging up the SpikesChris Stewart was never supposed to be a catcher.In 1999, Stewart was slated to be his Moreno Valley, CA high school’s starting shortstop as a junior. But after the starting catcher quit the baseball team to jo...continued
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Ac7d6ae4836b778c0e45d9f73deed0cb Delia @Delia - almost 5 years ago
Estos son los 100 videojuegos más vendidos en Japón durante la primera mitad de 2019
Estos son los 100 videojuegos más vendidos en Japón durante la primera mitad de 2019La revista japonesa Famitsu ha elaborado su tradicional listado de los 100 juegos más vendidos en Japón, ofreciéndonos los datos actualizados en referencia a los títulos vendidos en los pr...continued
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B32a14d6694cf7df7a187f69ad01ace5 Patrick @Patrick - over 4 years ago
Movie nights, baseball, phone calls: How Trump is uniting the GOP to fight impeachment - USA TODAY
Trump boosts GOP unity with movie nights, baseballWASHINGTON – President Donald Trump sat surrounded by a group of his most loyal defenders on Capitol Hill. In every direction from his box seat at the World Series last month, as the Washington Nationals faced off against ...continued
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6ede9b368e706f8b5e5082140d4d45d9 Moises @Moises - 5 months ago
The Playbook, Inning 6: Nine must-follow tips
Tristan H. Cockcroft's 9-part "Playbook" lays out how to go from fantasy baseball novice to expert in one season. Part 6 offers up nine tips to use during the fantasy baseball season, from trade strategies to how to value rookies and closers.
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6ede9b368e706f8b5e5082140d4d45d9 Moises @Moises - about 5 years ago
A Playlist Is Not A Marketing Plan: The 4 Ingredients Of A Great Music Business Conference Panel
A Playlist Is Not A Marketing Plan: The 4 Ingredients Of A Great Music Business Conference PanelIn this piece, Glenn Peoples breaks down the recent panel at this year's Music Biz conference titled "A Playlist is Not a Marketing Plan" aimed at reeducating artists away from...continued
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29d678841773a96cd144675798d50e70 Maida @Maida - almost 5 years ago
Presidential Candidates Can’t Discuss Gun Deaths Without Discussing Cops
Presidential Candidates Can't Discuss Gun Deaths Without Discussing CopsOn thefirst evening of the democratic debates in June, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) described gun violence as a national public health emergency that needs to be treated as a serious resear...continued
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2cb2f1cf49e001b23749fba977acd24a Casper @Casper - 4 days ago
Even Andrew Lincoln Thinks The Walking Dead Overdid Killing Glenn
Killing a fan favorite character is always a calculated risk, and in AMC's case, it may have been bad at math.
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C0decc0c6b5bd408c22c456fa130a368 Marie @Marie - about 5 years ago
Missing children, bloody scones, meat as murder: Dark Mofo's darkest moments
Dark Mofo cuts close to bone with confronting works about violence that involve the audienceMore than 180 Tasmanian children have been killed or gone missing within a period of roughly 50 years — and nobody knows exactly how each of their stories unfolded.We know that man...continued
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Efd687c46d03677522c615b86a341217 Emmie @Emmie - over 4 years ago
The Playbook: Fantasy Baseball 101
Some may call it a silly little game, but I'll tell you a secret: Once you play fantasy baseball, you'll be hooked for life.There's a simple reason: It's great.That's because it's fun, and it's easy to play. Whether you're an obsessive fan who doesn't like to miss a pitch...continued
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96d2c0ccb7cce03f75db3297b9a8af04 Iva @Iva - almost 5 years ago
2019 Trade Value: #21 to #30
2019 Trade Value: #21 to #30As is the annual tradition at FanGraphs, we’re using a week around the All-Star Game — when the industry pauses to take a metaphorical breather — to take stock of the top-50 trade chips in the sport. For more context on exactly what we’re tryin...continued
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10f64d8d0be1cc890068d55fc752e9ee Alexandro @Alexandro - about 5 years ago
Bullpen Report: June 29, 2019
Bullpen Report: June 29, 2019With July on the horizon and the trade deadline set to take center stage after the All-Star break, bullpen hierarchies will remain fluid. Ahead of all of this, things seem to be intensifying in Cincinnati with Michael Lorenzen receiving the sa...continued
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40e54b9707df84c11f580308a13132cb Hulda @Hulda - over 4 years ago
Larry Walker’s rise to Hall of Famer a testament of hard work, patience -
Larry Walker's rise to Hall of Famer a testament of hard work, patienceTORONTO – Imagine, for a moment, if Bob Strumm had said yes instead of no to Larry Walker.The long-time hockey executive was the head coach and general manager for the Regina Pats in the mid-1980s when...continued
Larry walker colorado rockies baseball hall of fame canada
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