Taco Bell Just Premiered 'Mexican Pizza: The Musical' on Tik Tok, Starring Dolly Parton and Doja Cat - 2 minutes read

Taco Bell finally aired Mexican Pizza: The Musical, starring Dolly Parton, with guest appearances by Doja Cat and over 21 Tik Tok stars.

The 15-minute homage to the beloved menu item— streamed live on Taco Bell's Tik Tok channel—was a send-up of a high school musical with colorful cardboard props and over-the-top show tunes. Dolly Parton and Doja Cat made appearances in a few pre-taped segments, and Dolly was also the voice of the Mexican Pizza.

Told in three acts, the musical tells the story of TikTok star Victor Kunda, who longs for the discontinued Taco Bell Mexican Pizza, rallying other fans to come together to bring the pizza back on the menu.

The musical featured several original song-and-dance routines with performers singing lyrics like, "You took a slice right out of my heart, and I will never recover."

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In 2020, Mexican Pizza, which consists of two tostadas layered with pizza sauce and beans or ground beef and then topped with cheese, tomatoes and more sauce, was 86ed from Taco Bell's menu due to pandemic-related issues.

That decision triggered an angry response. First, a die-hard Taco Bell fan created a Change.org petition, which received 200,000 signatures demanding that Mexican Pizza return. Then, pop singer Doja Cat took to TikTok to write a song to Taco Bell about bringing back the pizza. The video has 8.7 million views.

As if that wasn't enough, country music legend Dolly Parton also got involved in Mexican Pizzagate. In an interview with Insider last January, Parton confessed to loving Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza. When asked if she thought the restaurant should bring it back, she said, "I think they should!"

Taco Bell heard the message loud and clear and added Mexican Pizza to its permanent menu last Spring. Sensing a good marketing opportunity, Taco Bell also announced that Mexican Pizza: The Musical would appear on Tik Tok in honor of the dish.

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