How long Should We do Vrikashasana? - 5 minutes read

Hello friends, today I will tell you how long should we do vrikshasana? Friends, Vrikshasana is a standing pose, and doing this pose has positive effects on your body. This pose helps you a lot in creating mental and physical balance. If you want to train your body to make balance, then this pose helps you to achieve this aim. Friends, different Yoga Teachers, and Yoga Trainers have different views regarding the duration of Vrikshasana. Some people say that this pose should be done for a few seconds, while some trainers say that you should do this pose for a long duration. But most are unable to tell how long this posture should actually be done. I will try to tell you the right time from my experience so that you can know how long you should do this pose. I will also give you information about the method of doing it and what benefits you can get by doing it for the right duration. That's why you have to read this pose till the very last and carefully so that you can get the correct information about Vrikshasana Pose. HOW LONG SHOULD WE DO VRIKASHASANA – Friends, this is an advanced-level pose and in this pose, we balance our body on one leg. For this reason, the duration of performing it is different for all people. I will give you information about the Duration for three types of categories. 1) BEGINNER - Friends, in the Beginner category, comes the person who is doing this pose for the first time. Who does not have any experience in doing this pose? Beginners should always do this pose for between 30 and 40 seconds. This Pose Duration is perfect for beginners. Pose for a long time can cause internal or external injury because your body is not ready for this pose yet. 2) INTERMEDIATE - Friends, in the intermediate category, comes the person who is doing this pose for 3 months. 3,4 Month By doing the pose, your body learns to balance a little bit. Because of this you learn to be Sustain in this pose for a few seconds. In the intermediate category, you should remain in the pose for 60 to 120 seconds. By posing for so long, your body gets a lot of health benefits. EXPERT - You can easily do this pose in the expert category and you do not have much problem in creating balance inside it. After becoming an expert, you should do this pose for more than 120 seconds. This gives positive results to your body. RIGHT WAY TO DO VRIKSHASANA - Friends, now I will tell you the right way, by following which you can easily do Vrikshasana. First of all, you have to stand on the Yoga Mat. There should be a proper distance between your legs. Now you have to raise your left leg make an O shape and stick it on the right leg's knee. Now you have to bring your hands on the chest and make a salutation position. You have to Inhale and Exhale Breath Properly. After staying in this pose for a few seconds, you have to switch your legs. MORNING BENEFITS OF VRIKSHASANA - Friends, if you do this pose in the morning, then you get many positive results from it. The environment of the morning is quite fresh, due to which fresh air enters your body. Fresh Air refreshes your mind and improves blood circulation in your body. By doing this pose, your mental power and memory power are very fast. This pose also increases the flexibility and strength of your body. QUESTION AND ANSWER RELATED TO VRIKSHASANA - Q1) HOW MUCH TIME SHOULD WE DO VRIKSHASANA? Ans- We should do Vrikshasana for at least 50 to 60 seconds. Q2) DO AND DON'TS OF VRIKSHASANA? Ans - This pose should not be done if there is pain in the knee and you can do this pose to increase flexibility. Q3) WHY DO WE DO VRIKSHASANA? Ans - To increase physical and mental strength, you should do Vrikshasana. Q4) SHOULD PREGNANT WOMEN DO THIS POSE? Ans - No, They Should not do this pose it's not good for their baby. Q5) WILL THIS POSE IMPROVE YOUR BODY FLEXIBILITY? Ans - Yes, if you are consistent then definitely this pose helps in improving your body flexibility. Q6) WHO SHOULD AVOID VRIKSHASANA? Ans - People who are suffering from migraines and high blood pressure should not do this pose. FINAL WORDS ON HOW LONG SHOULD WE DO VRIKASHASANA – Friends, I hope you have liked today's post How long Should We do Vrikashasana. I have tried to explain to you in detail how long you should do this pose. Whether you are a beginner, medium, or you are expert, you come in any category. I have tried to give information in detail for all categories. Hope this article will help in solving your query. Hope you liked today's article.