Waymo and FCA's expanded deal includes self-driving Ram vans - 1 minute read

Ever since 2016 Waymo and FCA (which will soon be known as Stellantis) have partnered on self-driving vehicles and technology, and now that connection is expanding “in several important ways.” From FCA’s side, it’s exclusively using Waymo’s autonomous vehicle technology, while Alphabet-owned Waymo is making FCA its exclusive partner on level 4 autonomous light commercial vehicles.

So as Waymo Via expands its reach into delivering goods, the first vehicle they’ll use is a Ram ProMaster van. Beyond the Chrysler Pacificas it uses to test a taxi service, Waymo is also working on applying its tech to big rigs and other passenger vehicles like the Jaguar I-Pace. Earlier this year Waymo unveiled the fifth generation of its autonomous driver tech, which uses 360-degree LiDAR and costs half as much as the previous generation.

Source: Engadget

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