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1a4d3a462311ba36d913731c2e16402c Pablo @Pablo - about 10 hours ago
Wingware: Wing Python IDE 7.2.6 - Octboer 7, 2020
Wing 7.2.6 improves exception reporting for pytest, implements 2w in vi mode, fixes problems with setting up a new Django project, improves auto-spacing for / and :, reduces CPU use when analyzing and waiting for remote files, and makes a number of usability improvements....continued
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3fb9059c39d0a39c0a9f0cf17b7858fc Priscilla @Priscilla - about 10 hours ago
After denying the existence of COVID-19, influencer dies from this disease
October 19, 2020 3 min readThis article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.The man contracted the disease on a trip to Turkey."I also thought there was no COVID, and this is all relative. Until I got sick," ...continued
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F8901f0cff3b25b34627127dbc99fb89 Allene @Allene - 1 day ago
Starting a physical product company? You’re gonna need a lawyer
My name is Molson Hart. I’m the CEO of a consumer products company I founded 10 years ago, called Viahart. We design and distribute toys and other physical products. In 2019, we did $4.5 million in sales and in 2020 we should do $8 million. I am not a lawyer, but our prod...continued
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6b970372434ca9c9def5abb121107916 Rex @Rex - 3 days ago
How To Camp In New York When The Campgrounds Are Crowded
You thought you had the perfect idea for a quick getaway: camping out in the Catskills with your cutiepie for some peak leaf-peeping. But all the official campgrounds you found on the internet are crowded with people, like yourself, seeking respite from the pandemic.Thank...continued
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40e54b9707df84c11f580308a13132cb Hulda @Hulda - 4 days ago
10/10/20: Virtual Rain Gardens 101: How to Design, Build, & Maintain a Rain Garden - FREE
>> Want to see our Top Picks for this week instead?Submitted by the Event OrganizerAre you interested in building a rain garden in your yard but don’t know where to start? This free online workshop will cover the basics of rain gardens and take attendees through con...continued
Rain garden rebate image with logos
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1a4d3a462311ba36d913731c2e16402c Pablo @Pablo - 7 days ago
Forget Black Friday — the smart money's on Prime Day deals this year
That means there are at least three particularly good reasons to do as much holiday shopping — any shopping, really — as you possibly can this Prime Day.On Windows Central, we provide a ton of buying advice, be it via reviews, comparisons, buyer's guides, or help and how-...continued
Prime day 2020 dates
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A83b4d2292ad0135445fc0a7644d14c3 Joe @Joe - 8 days ago
On set with The Haunting of Bly Manor: How to build a haunted house - CNET
Eike Schoter/NetflixBly Manor doesn't look haunted -- in real life, at least. The rooms are spacious and tastefully decorated, with wood paneling and antique furniture. The kitchen is brightly lit with white tile and mossy green cabinets. The stairs are wide. But if the p...continued
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151d593186e8e56663df3ed32962360f Dayton @Dayton - 11 days ago
On set at Netflix's Haunting of Bly Manor: How to build a haunted house - CNET
Eike Schoter/NetflixBly Manor doesn't look haunted -- in real life, at least. The rooms are spacious and tastefully decorated, with wood paneling and antique furniture. The kitchen is brightly lit with white tile and mossy green cabinets. The stairs are wide.But if the po...continued
Hobm unit 03377r
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725ac8c62bcc32f06195cf20b372a31a Muriel @Muriel - 11 days ago
Facebook Ads Are Giving Climate Deniers a Lifeline
Photo : Win McNamee ( Getty Images )Facebook is no stranger to climate misinformation. Just last month, the platform became a key player in spreading flat-out hoaxes surrounding the wildfires raging across the West Coast to an audience of tens of thousands, taking them do...continued
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7caeec7c88c24f5d4f9a4c169eb9f70c Maureen @Maureen - 13 days ago
7 Tips to Create the Perfect Product Onboarding Checklist
Product onboarding or user onboarding can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. Making a user onboarding checklist is easier said than done. Ultimately, you want your customers to understand your product, and to see the value in it. Customer onboarding can...continued
7 tips to create the perfect product onboarding checklist
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70753e5e348bf454161ee0bcc63fed8d Juliet @Juliet - 14 days ago
watchOS 7: Family Setup Features, Requirements, and Activation Steps
Alongside the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and the new watchOS 7 software update, Apple introduced a Family Setup feature that's designed to allow parents to set up Apple Watches for their children, letting an Apple Watch be used without an iPhone.W...continued
Watchos7 tips family setup
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Cc9f6ece4882994c85a7dc0305a4b841 Marjory @Marjory - 14 days ago
Nvidia Unveils Jetson Nano 2GB, a Single Board Computer
Follow Slashdot on LinkedIn| Do you develop on GitHub? You can keep using GitHub but automatically sync your GitHub releases to SourceForge quickly and easily withand take advantage of SourceForge's massive reach. Check out all of SourceForge’sSource: Slashdot.orgPowered ...continued
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24f317f89bef5f8cefa430eec1cd2f6d Nestor @Nestor - 15 days ago
From Tumblr to iOS 14: How aesthetic home screens became a trend - CNET
The biggest flex on the internet right now is showing off screenshots of a carefully curated aesthetic iOS 14 home screen. We don't make the rules. The teens on TikTok do.When iOS 14 was released to the public last week, many people at first couldn't see much that was new...continued
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3fb9059c39d0a39c0a9f0cf17b7858fc Priscilla @Priscilla - 16 days ago
Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart Face off in Hilarious Ad
The showdown sci-fi fans have been waiting on for over forty years has finally happened, in an epic face-off pitting Star Wars against Star Trek. Luke Skywalker and Captain Picard came together for the ultimate battle. But Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart weren’t fighting ...continued
Uber eats
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34392094b518c79e322481ceb0004cbf Colin @Colin - 17 days ago
Top Stories: iPhone 12 Mini Rumors, New iPad Air Soon, iOS 14.2 Beta 2
The iPhone 12 is almost upon us, and we're continuing to hear rumors about what to expect from Apple's biggest product line. And don't forget about the new iPad Air that will also begin shipping this month.Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos.Leaker:...continued
Top stories oct3 2020
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C00261b321f2a17e788496ab5cfcebed Jaydon @Jaydon - 17 days ago
These Apple Fitness+ trainers will whip you into shape [Cult of Mac Magazine 369]
When Apple Fitness+ arrives later this year, it will live or die on the motivational skills of its talented team of high-energy trainers. Our cover story this week offers introduces you to the pace-setting athletes Apple enlisted to whip us all into shape.Plus, with iPhon...continued
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B32a14d6694cf7df7a187f69ad01ace5 Patrick @Patrick - 20 days ago
iPhone Home screens gone wild! [Cult of Mac Magazine 368]
Customizing iPhone Home screens is all the rage right now, thanks to a cool new feature in iOS 14 (and a hacky workaround using the Shortcuts app). See what this new craze is all about, and find out how you can do it yourself, in our top stories this week.Plus, we might k...continued
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0cefff9aac729a36835c46e07795e1e7 Mariano @Mariano - 24 days ago
Top Stories: iOS 14 Feature Tour, 'iPhone 12 mini' Rumors, Apple Watch Band Controversy
Things started to calm down a bit this week following last week's rush of media event, Apple Watch and iPad launches, and the release of iOS 14 and other operating updates. But that doesn't mean there wasn't still a lot of news, from digging deeper into iOS 14 to more iPh...continued
Top stores 2020 sep26
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769b45cbbba62f6d3aa67bb11e7a293f Raoul @Raoul - 28 days ago
HSA Bank Supports HR Professionals Working in a Virtual Environment with an "Open Enrollment Road...
TipRanksIs it time for the bears to break out the champagne glasses? Not so fast, says Goldman Sachs. Volatility has ruled the Street for the last few weeks, leading some to conclude that those with a more pessimistic outlook had been vindicated, but the firm believes sto...continued
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3917a54ef2e71f0b2d57dd0d63e0f2fb Cameron @Cameron - 29 days ago
iOS 14 Adoption Surpasses 25% Across iPhone and iPad Five Days After Release
Five days after Apple released iOS 14, adoption of the software update has reached approximately 26 percent of active iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, according to mobile analytics company Mixpanel. This includes iPadOS 14.iOS 14 adoption appears to be outpacing iOS ...continued
Ios 14 icon mock real feature
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Efd687c46d03677522c615b86a341217 Emmie @Emmie - 29 days ago
Android Auto Disabled in Some Subaru Cars After Android 11 Update - autoevolution
Not a long time ago, we covered the Android Auto struggle on various Subaru models , with some owners claiming that a dealer update was the one that introduced a bug breaking down the app.Others just hit a critical error when connecting their phone to the cars, while some...continued
Android auto disabled on some subaru cars after android 11 update 148970 7
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10f64d8d0be1cc890068d55fc752e9ee Alexandro @Alexandro - 29 days ago
Google Launches Oddly Specific Pixel 4a How-Tos
Google is great many things, but few people see it as a smartphone brand. Even fewer actually own a Google smartphone. But even fewer will find any value in half a dozen Pixel 4a how-tos the company just released on YouTube. We're looking at quite an oddly specific bunch ...continued
Google pixel 4a how tos videos composit
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Eaf5ad4012b7eb20009963fdaea7d2c9 Cynthia @Cynthia - about 1 month ago
iOS 14: All the New Features With Guides and How Tos
Over the course of the iOS 14 beta test, we here at MacRumors have been putting together in-depth feature guides, tutorial videos, and how tos on the new features in the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 updates.Many of our MacRumors readers have likely been running the betas for a co...continued
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A6c0c46e61817f7ae594dd513e06b21d Elliott @Elliott - about 1 month ago
Master iOS 14’s best new features [Cult of Mac Magazine 367]
If you downloaded iOS 14 — and you really should — you probably know it’s packed with tons of new features. Find out how to make the most of all the latest additions with our roundup of iOS 14 tips and how-tos.And, naturally, we’ve got plenty of coverage of this week’s bi...continued
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7bcb1d07c0ef7a8d3ef21a145cb66a5c Giovanni @Giovanni - about 1 month ago
Halloween 'will happen' this year: Party City CEO - Fox Business
Halloween “will happen,” but is “going to look different” this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, Party City CEO Brad Weston told “Varney & Co.” on Wednesday.Continue Reading BelowWhen asked how social distancing and the limitation on large gatherings is affecting bu...continued
Istock trick or treat halloween
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