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C0c3cfe5664cc7e6deb04e9e150ccd98 Devin @Devin - 1 day ago
Zenefits Launches Online Health Insurance Shopping for Small Businesses
Compared to large companies, small businesses pay more cost per employee for health insurance. Zenefits says you can change that.
Online health insurance
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7bcb1d07c0ef7a8d3ef21a145cb66a5c Giovanni @Giovanni - 3 days ago
What to Know About Big Tech’s War on Sex Workers
For marginalized people and communities, social media often serves as a safe space from an otherwise cruel world. However, new updates by the likes of Instagram and TikTok targetting sex workers are proving that not everyone is welcome anymore. Usually, when …
Hiding likes instagram test 00
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2cb2f1cf49e001b23749fba977acd24a Casper @Casper - 3 days ago
How to automatically sort completed items in Notes checklists
Find out how to enable a setting to sort completed items in Notes for your checklists. This keeps pending list items right at the top.
Settings notes sorted items mac
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Abe69d7aacc9c6d89b2d1ff5e9ac6ef4 Hank @Hank - 4 days ago
Watching makeup tutorials made me feel confident wearing less makeup
When we spend so much of our time online, we’re bound to learn something while clicking and scrolling. Discover something new with Mashable’s series I learned it on the internet. The first time I wore liquid foundation, I smeared it all over my face like it …
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E77c53a55e474cb5ad875ffdba0be8e5 Leda @Leda - 7 days ago
MeWe doesn't want to be the next Parler. But extremist hoards are coming to is social media site ...
Summary List PlacementNow that Parler has been kicked off the internet for no-one-knows-how long, right-wing extremists are on the hunt for a new digital home. The social media app MeWe has emerged as a worthy contender — much to the app's dismay.  On Twitter…
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Eac8a1ccc60323b8c8f2660965836fef Immanuel @Immanuel - 8 days ago
WhatsApp Clarifies New Privacy Policy, Says Messages to Friends and Family are Safe
WhatsApp has come under heavy criticism in recent days after it rolled out its new Terms of Service. The new ToS was rolled out by WhatsApp primarily for improved messaging businesses on the platform and to allow Facebook, WhatsApp’s owner, to collect data an…
Update whatsapp
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40e54b9707df84c11f580308a13132cb Hulda @Hulda - 8 days ago
The Tula is a stylish portable audio recorder with AI noise cancellation
Ever since we all started spending more time at home, I've had to pay especially close attention to production gear -- we're now shooting our videos and handling our live streams away from our old office, after all. So far, I've struggled most with audio, esp…
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725ac8c62bcc32f06195cf20b372a31a Muriel @Muriel - 10 days ago
AirPods … to the Max! [Cult of Mac Magazine 379]
Apple’s new over-the-ear headphones are kind of over the top. From the high-end design to the sky-high price tag, AirPods Max certainly made quite a splash this week. They sold out almost immediately after Tuesday’s unveiling. And that weird AirPods Max case …
Com mag 379 6
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Ac7d6ae4836b778c0e45d9f73deed0cb Delia @Delia - 10 days ago
Stop Trying To Be Perfect and Start Being OK
Perfect is a lie. OCD sufferers struggle with this because they know that there is always something more, something extra, that they can do to make it right, safe, and certain.
Imperfect scrupulosity ocd
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1bd665cfdc2ebddfa4e39c96971aafdf Elian @Elian - 10 days ago
How to stop sharing your location with apps and services on iPhone
Stop sharing your location with apps and services or decide which particular ones you want to share with using Location Services settings.
Never show location settings
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62b830bbc5092803336a4f6bb9370281 Manley @Manley - 10 days ago
The Best Personal Finance Books of 2020
On the bookshelf right next to where I do most of my financial writing, you’ll find an array of personal finance books. Some of them have been there for years — they are the essential personal finance books I recommend to everyone, full of timeless advice. Ma…
Best books 2020
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6c170accf2ec5f1d4dbc252c635bb25c Erik @Erik - 12 days ago
How to French a Rib Roast
Wondering exactly how to French trim your rib roast? Fear not. Grab a sharp knife, these easy how-tos, and your sense of adventure.
How to french trim a roast fp.jpg
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F4e69330da03b74c81cc5fa3f895fb24 Nelson @Nelson - 12 days ago
Amazon Photos offers unlimited full-resolution storage to Prime members
This surprisingly good photo service has flown mostly under the radar since 2014.
006 desktop app main view first login 1 760x380
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422f200971248def7ffc1673a54fa3cb Grayce @Grayce - 15 days ago
3 Short-Form Video Trends Online Marketers Should Watch in 2021
Short-form videos are taking over social media. Learn how to incorporate them into your content strategy and discover what trends to look out for in 2021.
Short form video%20%281%29
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3c59b35923f7f5e6a11c533088a15138 Jessika @Jessika - 15 days ago
Buckle up for shot, the big turn is around the corner - The Tribune India
Covid vaccine balloons hope of taking the fight to the pandemic, residents serve out views on how-tos
2021 1$largeimg 1276878497
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F8901f0cff3b25b34627127dbc99fb89 Allene @Allene - 16 days ago
Wisely Launches Lunch & Learn Series for Restaurant Operators—and Pledges to Donate Meals to Loca...
ANN ARBOR, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Timed to coincide with the holidays, today Wisely kicks-off a lunch & learn series with a unique perk for participants—helping fight hunger during the pandemic. The webinar series, titled “Lunch & Give Back a Bunch” offers f…
Wis logotype   dark blue
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13026bc1164d1ff880b91138506d70e7 Ismael @Ismael - 17 days ago
Our Favorite YouTubers and Educators of 2020
The YouTube film community is huge and grows larger every day, sharing new cool ways of doing things for everyone to learn. Here are some of our favorite creators from the past year. At No Film School, our goal is to show you different ways how you can becom…
2020 favorite educators
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4a267f11de75663a48a0fdf6365ffa8c Elvie @Elvie - 19 days ago
Happy New Year 2021 from Dangerous Prototypes
Happy New Year! Thank you for reading the blog and being part of our community in 2020! We’re looking forward to more open hardware projects, more how-tos, more videos, more free PCBs, and more hacking in 2021.
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769b45cbbba62f6d3aa67bb11e7a293f Raoul @Raoul - 21 days ago
Learn to build no-code apps quickly to simplify your work
With AppSheet from Google Cloud, anyone can build custom applications without having to write code. Whether you’re part of a large organization seeking digital transformation or a small team in need of creative solutions to organize events during a pandemic, …
Appsheets.max 1300x1300
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Bcc328421e41493288f095ab9a711673 Roger @Roger - 26 days ago
Get a New Apple Device for Christmas? Check Out Our Apple Product Guides
If you were lucky enough to receive a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or AirPods this year, you'll want to check out the extensive guides we have for new device owners. Whether you're new to a product altogether or have an upgraded version of a device wit…
Apple product guides feature 1.5
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Bbe6309a1d067c75a83f525952377ae7 Rahsaan @Rahsaan - about 1 month ago
We put AirPods Max and Apple Fitness+ to the test [Cult of Mac Magazine 380]
Between AirPods Max and Apple Fitness+, this was one big week for Apple. The company continues to expand its sprawling, intertwined empire of hardware, software and services — and these new entries look like winners. Read our dueling reviews for insight into …
Com mag 380 5 1
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C8fdc7c246b9dd38f4ef160727d6eec5 Monserrat @Monserrat - about 1 month ago
What Do You Wear on Zoom?
Remember getting all dressed up to go out — to birthday parties, dinner dates, office holiday gatherings? (We don’t, either.) These days, festive dressing has taken on a different shape… Zoom tops are the new version of “going out tops” — pieces that help yo…
Cup of jo nordstrom anne serrrano mcclaine christine han photography 102
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Efd687c46d03677522c615b86a341217 Emmie @Emmie - about 1 month ago
Why You Should Write Guides & How-Tos
There are many reasons why you should write guides and how-tos in your blog. It is one of the most common contents on the internet, for any form of media. Cooking videos, building videos, fashion guides – anyone could literally search anything on the internet…
Guide e1608081794198
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56a34dc91390858efd1999c86a89c348 George @George - about 1 month ago
PS2 Emulation On The Xbox Series S: A Story Of Walled Gardens
It’s hardly a secret any more at this point that today’s game consoles from Microsoft and Sony are essentially AMD gaming rigs packed up into a custom package and with tweaked system software. So it’s not too surprising that enterprising hackers got the Plays…
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6fbf27ec08c2f7663e39dc017353475e Josiah @Josiah - about 1 month ago