3 healthy marketing habits that drive digital transformation - 1 minute read

Grant Keller is global CEO of WPP's Google technology and data consultancy, Acceleration, and Ekapat Chareonlarp is GroupM’s global VP of media innovation and marketing. Here they share their top advice on digital transformation.

When it comes to digital transformation, we use a simple analogy with our clients: You wouldn’t run a marathon right off the bat; you’d start with shorter runs and build up to the long one over time. The same applies to modernizing a business. At Acceleration, GroupM’s certified Google marketing specialist, this means working with clients to create the right foundation for a sustained, multistep transformation journey.

Our approach is based on everything we’ve learned over 20 years of helping brands drive growth and transformation with the latest marketing technology. And recent research suggests this type of approach pays off. The revealed that implementing scaled digital solutions can drive up to 3X more near-term revenue gains for businesses.

As we’ve all seen, the pace of change is only increasing, and clients need the support and expertise of their agencies more than ever. Here are three essential healthy marketing habits we help our clients develop to ensure they stay ahead.

Source: Thinkwithgoogle.com

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