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6232f8a636fcadbbec0b89d4f6ded6e2 Ericka @Ericka - 7 months ago
Russia rejects offer to release jailed reporter Evan Gershkovich, US says
The Wall Street Journal reporter was arrested in Russia on espionage charges, which he has denied.
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151d593186e8e56663df3ed32962360f Dayton @Dayton - almost 3 years ago
Afghan basketball star tells her story of escape - Reuters
Nilofar Bayat, the captain of Afghanistan's women's wheelchair basketball team, arrived in Spain on Friday after fleeing from Kabul where she encountered the Taliban in the chaos of Kabul airport.
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A83b4d2292ad0135445fc0a7644d14c3 Joe @Joe - about 2 years ago
WNBA star Griner appeals to Biden for freedom -
U.S. WNBA basketball star Brittney Griner has made a direct plea to President Joe Biden to stand up for her in an emotional letter sent to the White House on Monday as she remains detained in Russia on drug charges.
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24f317f89bef5f8cefa430eec1cd2f6d Nestor @Nestor - over 3 years ago
Hot mic catches high school basketball announcer's racist slurs
Announcer Matt Rowan called members of an Oklahoma high school girls' basketball team the n-word after they knelt for the national anthem.
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29d678841773a96cd144675798d50e70 Maida @Maida - about 2 years ago
Griner's return home 'top priority' despite guilty plea: WH - Reuters
A guilty plea by detained U.S. basketball star Brittney Griner will not impact negotiations to bring her home from Russia, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Thursday.
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37ec91099450fc2fc637c77e78953759 Anderson @Anderson - about 3 years ago
Zaila Avant-garde: Teenager makes history at US spelling bee
Zaila Avant-garde already holds Guinness world records for dribbling multiple basketballs at once.
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125f097c91a427394e6d36ae98c72376 Elaina @Elaina - about 3 years ago
Liz Cambage: Australian criticises Olympic team photo shoot
Australian basketball star Liz Cambage says a promotional photo of Olympians lacks diversity.
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394b4c0c4dd468b433ba43c77bdbb708 Bart @Bart - about 5 years ago
Ex-NBA star Marbury to coach Chinese team
Ex-NBA star Marbury to coach Chinese teamTwo-time NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury was named head coach of the Beijing Royal Fighters of the Chinese Basketball Association on Monday.Marbury, a native New Yorker, was the No. 4 overall pick of the 1996 NBA Draft. After 13 years...continued
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C83c832ac4865208bba7331dd2976162 Izaiah @Izaiah - over 4 years ago
Follow live: Bucks, Raptors meet in Eastern Conference showdown
Confident Hornets ready for rematch vs. league-leading BucksThe Charlotte Hornets look to take down another of the NBA's elite teams. The goal is to do so in back-to-back games.Source: Espn.comPowered by
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61d3ff630fa6a556085f59f9ba20938e Assunta @Assunta - almost 2 years ago
The sleepless nights of Mykolaiv and Griner jailed - round-up
How those in the bombarded city are coping and the US basketball star jailed for drugs in Russia.
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C0c3cfe5664cc7e6deb04e9e150ccd98 Devin @Devin - about 2 years ago
Griner admits drugs charge but denies intent - Reuters
07/07 U.S. basketball star Brittney Griner pleaded guilty to a drugs charge in a Russian court on Thursday but denied she had intentionally broken the law.
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Ed258c85465a50dee9e6425ecf24849d Wilmer @Wilmer - over 3 years ago
Meet the basketball team with the longest win streak in the US
The men's basketball team at Yeshiva University, a private Jewish school in New York, now holds the longest winning streak in the country. CNN's Jason Carroll reports on this Division III team and their 36-game streak.
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9b25e3cdd7708c288912746ec95d7c9b Liliane @Liliane - almost 4 years ago
Legendary coach John Thompson dies at 78 - Reuters
SportsLegendary coach John Thompson dies at 78PostedLegendary Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson passed away at the age of 78. Freddie Joyner has more.Source: ReutersPowered by
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1a914154cd263fa68f1b8d6529ef63dd Sandrine @Sandrine - about 5 years ago
Former Texas A&M coach Barone dies at 72
Former Texas A&M coach Barone dies at 72Former Texas A&M and Memphis Grizzlies head coach Tony Barone died Tuesday at age 72 after a long battle with cancer.Barone led the Aggies for seven seasons (1991-98) after a six-season run at Creighton (1985-91), posting an...continued
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394b4c0c4dd468b433ba43c77bdbb708 Bart @Bart - about 5 years ago
Giannis Antetokounmpo 75th in Forbes’ list of highest-paid celebrities for 2019
Giannis Antetokounmpo 75th in Forbes’ list of highest-paid celebrities for 2019The “Greek Freak” has earned an estimated sum of 43.2 million in 2019 so farMilwaukee Bucks superstar and 2019 NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo the 75th highest-paid celebrity in the planet for 20...continued
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151d593186e8e56663df3ed32962360f Dayton @Dayton - over 4 years ago
NBA season has been put on hold after player tests positive for coronavirus
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Efd687c46d03677522c615b86a341217 Emmie @Emmie - over 3 years ago
NBA's Jeremy Lin says he's been called 'coronavirus' on the court
As the number of violent attacks against Asian Americans escalates, former NBA star Jeremy Lin said he has experienced racism while playing basketball.
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222d8c41bd81f4a6d7b47e2341f0ffca Jarod @Jarod - over 2 years ago
Actor Kal Penn to play Toronto Raptors 'superfan' in biopic
Nav Bhatia has attended almost every Raptors home game since the team was established in 1995.
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C0decc0c6b5bd408c22c456fa130a368 Marie @Marie - about 3 years ago
"Passionate" Cambage to lead Australia's bid for elusive basketball gold - Reuters
Social justice firebrand Liz Cambage will be free to express herself on the court when she leads Australia's bid for an elusive basketball gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.
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Ed258c85465a50dee9e6425ecf24849d Wilmer @Wilmer - about 3 years ago
Dallas Wings select Charli Collier first in WNBA draft - Reuters
The Dallas Wings selected University of Texas center Charli Collier first overall in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) draft on Thursday ahead of the league's 25th season.
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C32976707dcb28036c1f4ea777f1875b Kraig @Kraig - about 5 years ago
basketball sunrise
basketball sunrise by Stacie ZimmermanSource: Clickprophotographers.comPowered by
Staciezphotography basketball sunrise
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56a34dc91390858efd1999c86a89c348 George @George - about 4 years ago
Texas golden retriever may be the next Air Bud
Source: USA TodayPowered by
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F8901f0cff3b25b34627127dbc99fb89 Allene @Allene - about 5 years ago
Darren Collison announces he's retiring from the NBA
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A83b4d2292ad0135445fc0a7644d14c3 Joe @Joe - almost 3 years ago
Coaches charged 2 years after teen died during basketball practice
Two Georgia basketball coaches have been charged with second-degree murder two years after 16-year-old Imani Bell died during high school basketball practice. HLN's Susan Hendricks reports.
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C0c3cfe5664cc7e6deb04e9e150ccd98 Devin @Devin - about 5 years ago
The Healthy Habit Of Basketball
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Hy basketball web 3
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