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Obituary: Bryant, widely considered one of basketball's greatest
Obituary: Bryant, a transcendent star who never took a night off(Reuters) - Kobe Bryant became one of the greatest players in basketball, a transcendent star who went straight from high school to the game’s biggest stage and brought “Showtime” back to the Los Angeles Lake...continued
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Boy killed in 'murderous rage' by gang members bent on revenge, prosecutor says
Tyshawn Lee, 9, killed in 'murderous rage' by gang members bent on revenge, prosecutor says(CNN)On a warm and sunny afternoon in November 2015, 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee was still in his school uniform when he told his grandmother he loved her and raced across the street to ...continued
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Where Does Russell Westbrook Fit Now?
Where Does Russell Westbrook Fit Now?After the basketball world collectively picked its jaw up off the floor in the wake of the Kawhi Leonard and Paul George news, the spotlight shifted to Russell Westbrook, the Oklahoma City star who may be on the move now that his team ...continued
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'Heartbroken' James promises to continue Bryant legacy
LeBron James promises to continue Kobe Bryant's legacyLeBron James says he is "heartbroken" over the death of Kobe Bryant and has promised to continue his fellow basketball great's legacy.Bryant and his daughter Gianna were among nine people killed in a helicopter crash o...continued
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Jewell Loyd Is in the Gym, Building Her Game and a Community
A trying year, on and off the court, helped Loyd finally embrace herself as an elite Black female athlete.
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Women’s Basketball Players Get a New Lifeline, Close to Home
The five-week Athletes Unlimited season has given some players an alternative to playing overseas during the W.N.B.A. off-season and a way to earn extra money.
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What you need to know about 3x3 basketball
Pan American Games features 3x3 basketball for first time, and here's what you need to knowLIMA, Peru -- A condensed form of hoops takes the next step in its Olympic-level development Saturday with the debut of 3x3 basketball at the 2019 Pan American Games.The sport was f...continued
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Gianna Bryant: Young basketball talent killed alongside father
Gianna Bryant: Young basketball talent killed alongside fatherAs the daughter of Kobe Bryant - a five-time NBA champion - Gianna Bryant had big shoes to fill.Like her father, the 13-year-old was a prodigiously talented basketball player. With his help as her personal coac...continued
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Donald Trump tweets wrong person in scathing Twitter attack on world cup star
Donald Trump tweets wrong person in scathing Twitter attack on world cup starDozy Donald Trump launched a blistering attack on US women’s World Cup star Megan Rapinoe only to tweet the wrong person.The President hit out at the footballer after she said she would refuse to...continued
2 us president trump signs executive order on healthcare
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Two routs, 'beautiful basketball' and 1-0 leads for Aces, Sun
The top-seeded Aces played 'beautiful basketball' and the Sun played one of their best games of the season to take 1-0 leads in the first round.
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2020 NBA Draft winners and losers: Kings get a steal, Bucks fumble a trade -
2020 NBA Draft winners and losers: Kings get a steal, Bucks fumble a trade Golden State Warriors 2020 Draft Pick Press Conference  Golden State Warriors Timberwolves select Edwards with first overall pick in NBA draft…
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Aliyah Boston Wants People to Forget That Moment Against Stanford
Her move to Massachusetts from the Virgin Islands at age 12 exposed her to a world of basketball possibilities. Now she’s leading top-ranked South Carolina into the round of 16.
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Can college sports teams unionize? We're about to find out.
Some college athletes, like the Dartmouth men's basketball team, want to form a union. An upcoming case will decide if they can.
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How Tennessee basketball players fared in NBA summer league
How Tennessee basketball players fared in Las VegasKyle Alexander is "blessed to have another opportunity," he said on Twitter on Monday night.The former Vol signed an NBA contract with the Miami Heat after a successful summer league session in Las Vegas, where he joined ...continued
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How Australia Became an NBA Point Guard Pipeline
The N.B.A. Global Academy has developed a reputation for training elite young passers, including Josh Giddey, the sixth overall pick in last year’s draft.
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Snoop Dogg on His Olympic Gig, the Horse He Wants to Meet, and Being a ‘Very Legal Guy’
In an interview, Snoop Dogg talks about Olympic memories from his childhood, Caitlin Clark and U.S. basketball, and the crip-walking horse from Tokyo.
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Stephen Curry Is More Human, and Brilliant, Than Ever
Golden State was good. Then too good. Then very, very bad. The worst. Back among the N.B.A. elite, Curry’s team has been humbled by the journey.
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What We Learned From the First Weekend of the N.C.A.A. Basketball Men’s Tournament
The Big Ten’s teams have faltered, the Pac-12’s have excelled and the upsets have been steady.
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NBA: Strip club's usage of logos for golf tournament at Trump Doral is unapproved
NBA: Strip club's logo usage for Trump Doral tourney is a no-noA strip club is hosting a golf tournament at Trump Doral on Saturday and it's using the Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA logos on its advertisements. (AP Photo/Alex Sanz)The NBA says a strip club’s usage of the league’s l...continued
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Derrick Rose rumors: Phoenix Suns intriguing option for point guard in NBA free agency
Phoenix Suns NBA free agent point guard optionIt seems as if every free agent point guard has been linked to the Phoenix Suns.Former NBA MVP Derrick Rose is no exception.As the NBA free agent market gets set to open Sunday, Rose's name has been mentioned in connection wit...continued
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The Meme Debates
Who Won the First Democratic Debates? The Memes.Perhaps the memeiest moment came from another Kamala Harris mic-drop. After losing total control of the stage, a cacophony of voices had erupted. Taking the proverbial torch, Harris bellowed, “America does not want to witnes...continued
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Waiver wire pickups: Quick fixes to add blocked shots
The fantasy basketball waiver wire always has players who can help fill holes in your roster. Here are the ones to add before it's too late.
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March Madness 2024: How to Watch, Stream the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - CNET
The big NCAA tournament tips off tomorrow. See which two apps you need to stream every game or the best live TV streaming service for college hoops.
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A Humbling N.B.A. Moment Brings Cheers From Japan
Going viral because you got dunked on? Yikes — unless you’re Yuta Watanabe, whose effort has endeared him to a growing wave of basketball fans in his home country, Japan.
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March Madness 2024: How to Watch, Stream the Men's Basketball Tournament Without Cable - CNET
The big NCAA tournament is here. See which two apps you need to stream every game, and the best live TV streaming service for college hoops.
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