Hi, I am Lara Jasmine. I have been working as a content writer for the last four years at Rananjay Exports, which deals in manufacturing Sterling silver gemstone jewelry. We have a wide range of Libyan Desert Glass with other 150 plus gemstones jewelry accessories.
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Perspicacity into The December Birthstone- Turquoise
Turquoise, the bluish-green stone, is very pleasing to the eyes that it has been ordained an official color in itself. It is an opaque stone, ranging from dark blue to bluish-green gem, but the intense blue is always in very high demand due to its holy powers. The color o...continued
The december birthstone turquoise
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The Things To Know Before Getting Labradorite Jewelry
Labradorite is a catchy stone with its splendid shimmer and hues. The play of colors and sparkle are so admirable that the Inuit people perceived this gemstone as the Northern lights captured in rocks. Labradorite Jewelry is counted as one of the prominent stones in jewel...continued
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How to Keep Your Jewelry Organized When Traveling?
Are you a travel enthusiast who loves to seek new adventures in life continuously? Have you also faced hitches in managing your jewelry while traveling and longed for a solution or tips to make the whole experience way smoother? Don’t worry; we have scoured some of the be...continued
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