Electric Thrill


East Kilbride and Glasgow's Electric Thrill Adventure Club offers golf courses, an arcade world, cyber keeper, and a lunch option with a dessert banquet. A tasty treat for each guest and a free pass for the birthday child are included in their party package.
8880573d4d7bf7971b95353eca980d61 Electric Thrill @electricthrill - 3 months ago
Why Tackling 18-Hole Adventure Golf Might Be Tougher Than You Think
Do you know about the 18-hole adventure golf course? From the first look, it might seem like this golf course is a breeze, but don’t be fooled by its charming façade. Beyond the immersion of lighting, themes, or other twists and turns lies a challenging golf course that i...continued
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Experiences at Golf Arcades: Maybe Something New for You
Every weekend, you look for an engaging activity to do. Sometimes, you engage yourself in in-house activities. But sometimes, you want to just go out, enjoy your day off, and feel a bit refreshed. However, repeating the same things over and over leads to boredom. Going to...continued
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